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  1. The choreography was ****. Even in the one without Britney, and in the rehearsel. The way they planned on dragging her up on the bigger stage was just awfull. It was boring, not "britney". She could have done it flawlessly, but my take on it - she would still have gotten a lot of bad press about it, because it just looked wrong.. THis one is without britney, still boring..
  2. Isn't that just the circle of Being a britney fan - hate on anything she is giving, anything recent and new, and then years later be like, "It was so epic!"
  3. It actually did ;) around 36-37 minutes in he tells he was against britney going to the studio, they got bigger fish to fry"
  4. I actually think this was funny different. Not "teen-sensation sweet popstar Britney" But "The world famous diva Britney". Something she of course isn't but it's just more fun as an actor to do something different. Gosh I hope Britneys next era isn't music, but a regular on some show. Sweet Magnolia should have been britneys, not Junos..
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSsj5sEI2TU&ab_channel=TheJonathanRossShow
  6. Of course she is good at ping pong. .She has spent hours and days in hotels with probably many pingpong tables, and we do know she can play tennis well also so it's all about coordinating
  7. My two cents are, Jamie Lynn is playing Lou.. I have had that feeling for 1½ year.. When she praises her she barely does it wholeheartdly. It's like, she ows Lou something, or Lou knows too much.
  8. Loeb and Loeb are there to help Sam with what he should do next, not there to tell Britney what to do. That is a huge difference. Sam admits he cant tackle Jamies lawyers alone, thats why HE needs them.
  9. To early for them. And they are not there for Britney, they are there for Ingham..
  10. Yeah she really should take a decade or whatever and just do tv-shows, become a regular on something, or star in a few movies. I could totally see her star a miniserie, she so deserve that.
  11. Just saw people would now send threats to Brenda and "cancel" her.. Omg. how ******* stupid are you guys. She had no reason to reject it, she doesn't give a **** about what Jamie uses the money for, thats not what she is there for like that.
  12. Britney told them she doesn't need them and she was ******* right. Typically privileged males stepping in being like "Look we are gonna save your career"..
  13. wow.. I guess, thank you the Enginers for making a boring, overproduced, snoozefest.. i know we all secrely was scared it was going to be bigger and better than Britneys. But nothing about this song gets me in some kind of holiday spirit, it actually makes me want to cancel this year even more....
  14. Private chef costs:: https://privatechefsinternational.com/the-cost-of-hiring-a-private-chef/ https://www.care.com/c/stories/15242/how-much-does-a-personal-chef-cost/ https://fash.com/costs/personal-chef-cost
  15. Edit: Ups, wrong topic: Private chef costs:: https://privatechefsinternational.com/the-cost-of-hiring-a-private-chef/ https://www.care.com/c/stories/15242/how-much-does-a-personal-chef-cost/ https://fash.com/costs/personal-chef-cost
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