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  1. Well, fake source or not. it does have some truth to it.. They dont exactly live next door.. They go to school, and when they get home they dont want to drive a lot on a weekly date to see their mum when they've got homework and stuff to do. I think sadly its better a whole weekend concentrated every now and then. They are having their own life. I just ******* wish this rumor was about Kevin seeing them "periodically" and not Britney.. I'm all for dads having the same rights and stuff, Britney just deserves it a whole ******* much more after everything she have done for her kids. The boys will see it that way when they get older.
  2. As far as I can see, people talked him into deleting his twitter, because people on twitter were the most vile.. People really are mean to him
  3. Hmm. maybe.. I wouldn't mind my husband being my guardian if it ever came to that. Rather him than my parents or my kids...
  4. Jamie said his daughter was wearing Hooker-shoes, more than 10 years into her career, and she was 27 years old.. Of cours Jamie can say the N word and mean it...
  5. We fans just can't accept ANYBODY in britneys life. They are ALL enablers. Even her sons gets called out for only thinking about money. We are the worst fans
  6. If it were Britney, it would have been on her IMDB...
  7. Well, at this point, you can't even talk against it because even that would be pure speculation. We dont know anything, besides rumors and gossip. We just have to wait for Britneys damn book to come out
  8. The way you talk about her, gives more ammunition to those who claims she shouldn't be free.. Stop talking like that please, and normalise just being silly and dance..
  9. Because it could get him removed.... And that doesn't have to be a good thing
  10. Larry is just a foot soldier.. And not her father. If she didn't want to do the interview, she should have said no. Diane was already known for making people cry, and being a *****
  11. It has been said before.. I even remember it back when it happened, some source said it was a clever move, and Britney suggested it, because they thought it was a way to get Jamie of her back, and in the end perhaps could have gotten her free that way. Just saying, I've heard it was Britneys idea, and they persuaded Jamie. Imagine him doing it now, NEVER - because of that..
  12. I liked it, but I'm also an SNL fan. it was lovely, and supportive. Britney would have laughed. Did you also see Peter talk about in the weekly update section?
  13. This is why I have said for years: Britney will NEVER be free, but I think I'll change it to Britney will never be her own boss.. Yeah, Jamie can die with his colon, britney gets free, but after 3 years people will forget everything and go back to calling her lazy, realising this was her all the way, being forced to do it. We don't know what have been her the last 13 years! The no promo?? Maybe that IS her prerogative and not her "lazy team". The strict interviews, maybe she doesn't like having people asking her stupid questions when she clearly have anxiety?? We can never know, so on the positive side, we just have to trust and say there have been good moments the last 13 years, and they may have been britneys decisions.. And maybe not... But do we know before everything was britneys decision?? No.. Like when she says she regrets dancing with a snake, or in 2003 when she said to Diane Sawyer she regretted being almost naked for a photoshoot.. But we also have to accept, it's okay to regret things. Britney gets smarter and wiser, and older. But mark me, we are still in 3 years going to ***** about her going to a lake and fish the same day her album drops, and not doing what the fans wants her to do. Thats why I think many fans in here and social media is really toxic. So toxic in there way of attacking Felicia for being misunderstood, they hate on her mother, I have even see people writing her kids doesn't care about her!! That is so ******* toxic, like some fans can't accept maybe many things is how Britney wants to be? Slow, and steady, and do it right, and not the Chris Crocker way by crying about it and yellin g"HELP ME, IM A PRISONER!!" It's like, NO ONE can love britney in their own way, no one is allowed near britney besides fans to some. Sam is being payd every boyfriend is fake, Brett was an abuser too, Billy is a maniac, and so and so...
  14. Billy is not even the big problem.. Just a little puzzle piece.. What she does is so telling of the advocates in this
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