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  1. same omgggg It’s my favorite rn i’ve been california dreaminnnn Plastic hearts are bleeding Keep me up all night keep me up all night
  2. I think the movie + album were geared toward a very specific demographic. She wasn’t trying to make a hit record or trying to appeal to the mainstream. She made a powerful film with beautiful music and I think it deserves the praise
  3. I don’t know why they chose Black Parade either, there are definitely better tracks on there. I personally love Bigger and Mood 4 Ever, they’re so inspiring and uplifting. The visuuuuals are stunning. I love Ja Ara E by Burna Boy too, that song is ma jam
  4. Soooooo many Beyoncé haters. If you listened to The Lion King: The Gift album, y’all would know why she was nominated. Listen to BIGGER or Mood 4-EVA. Or watch Black Is King on disney+. **** is beautiful and gave me chills. As for Justin Bieber getting noms... tragic. Changes was a terrible album and don’t even get me started on Yummy.. song is absolute Trash. Alsooooooo it’s NOT r&b. gimme a break. Justin thinking Yummy is R&B shows he is absolutely delusional He is the epitome of yas gurl give us no energy. His ugly music video where he struggle dances and emotionessly sings into the camera. Da fuq. Sorry. To think that The Weeknd was snubbed and JB was nominated for his weakest album to date really grinds my gears Billie Eilish is BORINGGGGGG. She has a few bops but everything i wanted is a borefest. fight me Dua Lipa deserved. Hope she wins a Grammy or two. Gaga deserved for Rain On Me. But so does Exile. I don’t believe Chromatica is an award winning album but it’s cohesive and cute. My prediction is Folklore will sweep
  5. The Black Is King album is great though, regardless of sales. Isn’t that what awards should be about? The quality not the sales? (not that the Grammys are about either, they are self serving)
  6. I personally loved Black Is King. She serves incredible visuals throughout the film and the soundtrack is stellar. I think it would have performed better if released on Netflix but I understand it’s tied to Lion King so obviously Disney owns it.
  7. I enjoy both albums but Disco (Kylie) has more fillers than FN.
  8. It’s not horrible... may be a grower. I’ll give it a chance. That cover though... that pose... idk looks off to me.
  9. The album that gave us MMM PAPI Not even kidding when I say it is one of my favesssss She’s having so much fun on it and I love how cheesy and playful it is Cheers to Mmm Papi turning 12 I will say... I loved this album when it came out and I was truly proud of Britney for overcoming so much. I look back now and feel a little sad because Britney should have taken 2008 off to heal but she really worked hard in 2008 and 2009 and she showed us how strong she really is. Favorite tracks off of Circus: Kill The Lights, Blur, and Mmm Papi
  10. hahaha perfect. They really are lizard-brained aren’t they. But thanks boo. I think you’re right, I’ll save my energy.
  11. Britney should have made the list at LEAST 4 times tbh... Toxic, Slave, BOMT, Oops
  12. Lmfao bro you’re insane. It goes like this right: Judges who believe Trump’s baseless cries about fraud are = not corrupt. Judges who throw the case out due to lack of evidence = corrupt. That’s gotta be at least 30+ judges now across the country who are ohhhh so corrupt and of course this is what trump wants!!! He thinks once its passed up to scotus they’ll magically overturn the election. It won’t happen because scotus relies on FACTS and TANGIBLE EVIDENCE. Where is it Scotus won’t take a case for no reason, especially one that’s been denied over and over all over the country The transition process has begun get ready for Biden/Harris bb!!! #TrumpForPrison2020
  13. So far, I like: Gimme What I Want - I think it’s too short and it’s missing a third part to the song. Night Crawling - love her and Billy together. Single worthy track Bad Karma - love the vocals and production on this. I STRONGLY disliked WTF Do I Know. Sounds like 2007 Miley but explicit. Plastic Hearts was boring to me too. Songs that MAY grow on me: Angels like you High Hate Me Never B Me G String
  14. ‘people still saying there is no proof’ the people you reference are judges. judges are saying there is no proof. today in pennsylvania, 3 Trump appointed republican judges agreed there was no basis for trump’s allegations. his lawsuits are getting shut down. trump will not serve a second term. accept it now for it may be easier now than in january
  15. LMAO this will not make it to Supreme Court. Look, I know what you Trump supporters like to do - group all ‘mainstream media’ together and deem it all fake news but that’s now it works. Go out there and read the real news, see what is happening outside of your Trump bubble, and you’re realize you’ve been sold a LIE Pero esta bien if you want to keep going about this we’re just going to be talking in circles because you and @Just Becauseare allergic to the truth
  16. @PuertoRicosFinest What a lengthy response just to say a whole lotta nothing. You somehow think you’re more knowledgeable than TRUMP appointed Judges who are throwing this case away because of lack of evidence. SNAP BACK TO REALITY!
  17. Britney mentioned Mood Ring and seemed genuinely excited for it's global release earlier this year but... She hasn't said a thing about the re-release or about Swimming in the Stars? Seems a little weird to say it was her idea and she supported it without any word from Britney.
  18. You're BLINDLY saying that there was election fraud when you have no proof. How are you in a place to call someone blind when you are denying the facts. There are many reputable news sources out there that aren't CNN that can lay down the facts for you - Trump lost the 2020 election. Period. Because of Trump's OWN twitter allegations of election fraud (made without any proof), Georgia recounted their votes - and Biden won. again. Michigan CERTIFIED their votes. Biden won there, again. Pennsylvania certified (or is in the process of) certifying their votes and look, Biden's won yet again! See below statement from TODAY in Pennsylvania, there's a link attached. ANOTHER loss for Trump "Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof, we have neither here," said the opinion from a three-judge panel authored by Judge Stephanos Bibas, a Trump appointee. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/live-updates/2020-election-vote-ballot-count-results/?id=74345513&cid=social_twitter_abcn
  19. Where is the FACTUAL and CONCRETE evidence in there of mass election fraud? NO WHERE The article is biased and bitter because Trump LOST Stay bitter!
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