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  1. She use to have really great songs, I feel like she lost her mojo when it comes to making a hit song now. Anyway, this challenge is so stupid. Why would I throw my valuables into the sand? We’re not all worth 400 mill honey. I’m so over Tiktok
  2. Sounds like it’s so people don’t make money off of it to sell merch but he speaks incoherently
  3. I thought of making this thread because of the way I personally connect to music. I have music for all of my different moods, feelings, events, etc. I can relate to each song in a different way and some feel very personal to me. I imagine Britney, as a musician especially, connects to music quite personally and spiritually as well. Her favorite song of 2020 was He Don't Love Me, shown by the numerous amount of times she posted videos dancing to it on instagram. Did she relate to the lyrics? Her current relationship? Or maybe she connects the song to a failed relationship of the past. Another artist she seems to like is Nelly Furtado, dancing to "Say It Right" multiple times and also singing to "I'm Like a Bird" in 2001 on her MTV Diaries episode. It's not difficult to tell why Britney would love a song like "I'm Like a Bird". A song about a free woman, essentially. Britney seems to enjoy snarky songs as well, like You Oughta Know (above) and ***** (below) I think her musical interests are fiery, sassy, freeing, and emotional. Some honorable mentions would be: Janet Jackson - All Nite (Don't Stop) Justin Timberlake , Jay-Z - Holy Grail Amy Winehouse - Back To Black (I wonder which song on the album is Brit's favorite) Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You (Britney should create an album like Amy or Lily's with her deeper voice, she could make such a sassy lyrical album) Christina Aguilera - Beautiful What are some other songs Britney enjoys?
  4. Brilliant first comment. Lays out it plain and simple. Taylor creates her craft herself, she evolved with each project, and she focuses on every little detail from the marketing to the hidden messages in videos etc. Meanwhile, Katy has shown that without the help of Dr Luke or Max M, she cannot create a memorable work of art. She has a weird sense of humor and her gimmick feels tacky and embarassing.
  5. Exactly this. Men can mess up an unlimited amount of times and it’s just men being men. Some people even find hot mess men more attractive because they are ‘bad guys’ or whatever. With women, the complete opposite. It makes me want to cry honestly - thinking back to how cruel the world was to her in 2006-2007. She had just become a mom in front of the world. Nobody cared that she had TWO infant babies with her while all these parasitic men followed her. It’s all just so undeserved. Britney is too good of a person for this ****.
  6. I think they are fine if both parties agree to the rules but personally... it’s a slippery slope to an affair and emotional feelings. My boyfriend and I have talked about it but we both agreed against it because it just didn’t sit right with us.
  7. Best songs on the album are (in no particular order): Make Me Do You Wanna Come Over Invitation Slumber Party Just Luv Me Love Me Down Better Change Your Mind All of the above would have been good single choices. The album could have done without What You Need, Hard To Forget Ya, Coupre Electrique, and If I’m Dancing, tbh.
  8. Same I love Dua right now because she is the epitome of a pop star. Good music videos, hot magazine shoots, an era full of performances and surprises. Why is every new pop star so lazy. And not everyone has to sing about their personal lives now. There is so much depressing music out there right now... I miss fun pop songs
  9. I’m a Connexion stan. Sweat is good but not my favorite. I enjoy the album, it’s relaxing and chill. Not having 27 tracks is also a plus
  10. Britney stans really comin' for JLo and Gaga when Britney has sung live a total of maybe 5 times since 2004
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