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  1. It is not overrated. It is a solid album with amazing visuals. Bye
  2. Britney has been battling for her human rights for 12 years and who spoke out for her? No celebrities, no press, no laywers. She was trapped and no one fought for her. She owes nothing to anyone. I'm sure she thinks by not posting videos twirling around in her garden, she is being respectful.
  3. He posted the cryptic tweet below about an hour ago... (yesterday, he tweeted Britney directly that he was available to shoot whenver) Is it happening? What do y'all think? I hope so!
  4. Ugh I’m so over the people on my fb who are all “preach love not violence” blah blah blah what about the ******* cops who kill innocent black people and get away with it? where is your preach love speech then!???! Enough is enough
  5. It seems Jake Wilson will be directing. Britney started following him... omfg a mv is coming ladies !!!!!!!
  6. Sam wasn’t always staying with Brit. He has his own place and I’m sure when it’s time for him to work, he goes back to his home. I really see no signs to a current Brit in distress.
  7. I feel bad for her because she’s truly had bad timing with this album this entire year. It’s a project she’s worked on for a while and she is allowed to feel proud and excited for it. She delayed the listening party and made the right move so people need to give her a break.
  8. I love Nelly Furtado and always have. I’m Like a Bird is one of my favorite songs and just hits my soul differently. ‘Loose’ was a MOMENT in pop history and she dominated pop music in 2006. I love that she sings in both English and Spanish and because of that, she probably had the farthest reach internationally. (Fotografia by Juanes and Nelly is my favorite spanish song by her). Fergie was also an entire moment in pop history. She was making hits solo and with a group and not everyone can achieve both successes. She waited too long to release her sophomore album and she was left to be forgotten as a solo artist. Gwen Stefani, to me, is the most average out of the 3. Sure, she had her run of hits on LAMB but her 2nd and 3rd albums fell flat to me and all the cultural appropriation visuals she used now seems tacky and wack.
  9. My favorite off the album is REPLAY! It’s so 70s and disco-inspired which is my favorite era of music!
  10. I love how seamlessly each track transitions into the next Also 911 is everything
  11. Currently streaming. I’m at Fun Tonight... I’ve enjoyed every track thus far !!!! My only complaint is that the songs are too short. I wanna get my *** out to the dance floors and hear Alice though
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