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  1. I don't think there was anything to fall out from - David seems like another director (like Joseph Khan) who was annoyed by the interference from Jamie and Britney's team so much that these directors basically disavowed their Britney videos because it strayed so far from their visions (which Britney was probably involved in creating until #teamboomers aka Jamie and cronies thought it was better to team Britney with experienced directors only to muck it up so much that what could have been great music videos make no sense). I'm sure David is pissed that his name is attached to such a piece of garbage (the official Make Me video) because grandpa Colon thought it made more sense for Britney and her dancers to spend half the video ogling shirtless men rather than make a cohesive video that Britney and David could both be proud of.
  2. Exactly. She can't win. If she made a video saying "hey guys, thanks for all your support, I'm fully onboard with this re-release so I hope y'all enjoy it", everybody would be saying she was forced to make the video. Things are slowly becoming more clear with regard to how much freedom/power she has, especially since her attorney has successfully argued for her court documents to be unsealed. Until Britney comes out and says "PLEASE GUYS, DO NOT STREAM/SUPPORT ANY OF MY WORK", I think we should be able to enjoy it. I agree her team lies to benefit them, but things are more out in the open and it does not seem like she is being forced to do anything right now. Plus, listening to a re-release (or any of her previous music) is literally going to have no effect on the conservatorship.
  3. Me too! Then I got super upset thinking that the All About that Bass Girl miscarried the baby of the kid from Spy Kids
  4. Totally agree. Also, it always seemed like Britney loved supporting up and coming artists (remember the video of her dancing to Billie Eilish with the "snake"?) so I could see her wanting to record with Kim in the future. However, if her team is taking an unreleased track and adding new vocals with Kim, that's a different story. I wish she could use her Instagram to really connect with her fans and let us know how she actually feels about this kind of stuff.
  5. Omg I remember getting this when it first came out on VHS: I was 10 years old and continuously watched it over and over in my room, which had a poster on the wall with the same photo as the cover image of the VHS... and yet my parents actually seemed shocked when I came out
  6. She needs to do whatever she wants. I think we forget that Britney's been around long enough to develop a vision and understanding of which producers cam help her realize that. Justin Tranter is great, Max Martin is great, but I want her to have the kind of creative control where she can pick and choose as she pleases to embrace the sound that makes her happy.
  7. Haha imagine Gen Z asking about DVD's and you'll get it. Basically it was a big tape that you would put into a VCR (which was a machine used solely for watching VHS tapes). You could rewind, fast-forward, rewind, and.... that was about it. On another note, my 12-year-old self thought I was so cool that I had the Live and More DVD rather than the VHS! I must have broken my DVD player with how many times I watched that concert from start to finish. Oh, and Femme Fatale was cool too
  8. I totally get where you're coming from. However, I think it's almost undisputed that something really horrible would have happened to Britney if the conservatorship wasn't put into place. Look at any paparazzi video from about November 2007 - January 2008 and it's heartbreaking. There was literally nobody around her who cared about her wellbeing, even just to keep her alive for the checks to keep rolling in. I don't think therapy and moving away from the spotlight would have worked because she never would have gone for it. I do think it was weird that she was working right away. Maybe it was a combination of her handlers wanting to show the public that she was fine and also Britney wanting to prove all the haters wrong and get back to performing. However, as time went on, it clearly became all about the money. It's also important to remember that she wasn't forced into the conservatorship after the head shaving. Instead, she went to rehab and seemed to be doing well for a few months before she went off the rails again and the conservatorship wasn't established until almost a year after. Clearly there was way more going on with her than just shaving her head and she was drowning without a lifeline. I totally agree with your last paragraph though. If their intentions were truly good, which I think they were in the beginning and then got twisted along the way, they would have gradually eased the restrictions in order to give her the most freedom possible while still keeping her safe. Instead, her violent and alcoholic father reverted back into the monster that terrorized Britney from a young age and I think the best thing about the #freebritney movement is that it made Britney realize that she had other options aside from being under Jamie's thumb indefinitely.
  9. Omg I love this. Thank you so much for posting! Chaotic was a mess because it was unfiltered. There was no production value, storylines mapped out in advance, or lame acting. It was literally just Britney and Kevin goofing around with a video camera and it showed a genuine side of Britney we haven't really seen since. I'll take that Britney any day over an anxious robotic superstar who feels like she needs to only do and say the right things because she's been broken down by the people who were supposed to protect her.
  10. I think that every major artist has background singers and it is up to the producers how much to layer the lead artist's vocals with that of the background singers. Whether or not her background singers overpower her, Britney's voice is unmistakably there. Maybe Britney Jean used more of Myah Marie than Glory did, but Britney still put in the work to make these songs. All she can do is record the music and hope that whatever producer she's forced to working with includes as much of her vocals as possible.
  11. Sorry if I was unclear. What I meant is that in general, streaming is a very minor piece of the problem. Otherwise, Britney would be fighting to take down all of her old music from Spotify, Apple Music, etc. and the general public is never going to stop using these platforms to listen to her old music. More to the point, streaming a new song is like saying a needle in a haystack is going to make the whole thing collapse. Sorry for the terrible analogy, it's late
  12. No, you are misunderstanding. Britney is not a slave, and I think she would be offended to be referred to one since she has said on numerous occasions she hates the perception that she is a victim in any way. I think what @PokemonSpears is trying to say is that streaming SWTS is not in conflict with Britney boycotting her father and refusing to work. Britney has never said she does not want her fans to enjoy her music that she has already recorded, but rather that she does not want to do any future work while her father is in charge of her conservatorship. It's comparing apples and oranges. Streaming is not where the money is. Performing, endorsements, etc. is where the money comes in. By refusing to do these things, she is giving a big eff you to her father by hurting him where it really counts. Britney has already had several big wins - Lou is gone, the court documents are being unsealed so we can see what Britney truly desires, and the independent trust company she asked to be appointed was approved. Boycotting one single that was already recorded and that most people don't even know about is missing the forest for the trees. We need to look at the bigger picture and streaming SWTS is not going to make any difference in keeping Jamie on board or not.
  13. This was incredibly well-written and I wholeheartedly agree with all of it. I can understand why some people feel like it's a betrayal to listen to Britney's music while she's refusing to work, but I can't get behind it. Artists hate streaming because they make no money from it. Listening to a song that Britney recorded who knows when likely is not going to make a difference at all. I think Britney genuinely loves performing and is incredibly appreciative to her fans for having her back during this time. However, it seems like she likes performing on her terms, which is not going to happen under her current restraints. This is where the money is truly made - performing, endorsements, etc. I honestly think Britney would be flattered that we are enjoying music she's previously recorded but for whatever reason has not been released. Listening to an unreleased Britney song is not going to have any effect on the conservatorship. Britney has made her position known to her attorney, the courts, and the public, which is that she is uncomfortable in her current situation and wants out. The conservatorship is not going to end because people refuse to enjoy Britney's previous work. It kind of reminds me of Taylor Swift's current situation where she is upset that her previous work was sold in the way it was but is now re-recording her catalogue because she wants people to enjoy her music. I think you can separate the work that Britney has already done with the future work she is refusing to do. As PokemonSpears noted, this song, and any of Britney's previous songs whether released or unreleased, will not decide the future of her conservatorship. Britney clearly wants to get back to performing, which you can see through her Instagram videos. Her boycott has more to do with giving her dad the proverbial finger, but at the end of the day, I can't see Jamie backing off on his position simply because her estate might be making a little less money from fans who refuse to support Britney's past work. tl,dr: thanks for coming to my Ted Talk and #freebritney
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