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  1. I loved her dress! It's the type of dress I wanted her to wear. And I hated Beyonce's dresses. Really ugly imo and a little bit over the top, especially the one on the red carpet. I liked that she had straight hair but it should have been better. Make-up wasn't perfect either. I agree with most of the other things you said. This was to promote Glory so there was no reason to sing Me Myself and I. I didn't really like her stage outfit either. This should have been her huge and epic VMA comeback performance. And this is what we've got. Yes, it's cool that after 2007 she performed there again but I'm still a little bit dissapointed.
  2. So, what has Beyonce done that makes her a legend? If she's a legend, then why not Britney? Did Beyonce do something that Britney didn't? Britney has been in the music industry for a very long time, she's one of the best selling female artists of all times. She broke many records, has iconic songs, amazing videos, memorable award show performances. Add the fact that she came back after a breakdown and is now still ruling the charts and there you have it: a legend.
  3. It's a good video. I only wish they showed us more of the choreo. But I guess that's we could expect now from a Britney video. But boy, she looks hot! In the club in the end I immediately thought of her Pepsi commercial.
  4. Yeah. I never really liked the original and now with the first listen I still wasn't convinced. But for some reason I keep it on repeat now. There's something about it.
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