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    video britney having a picnic with a fan

    Is that even a real fan?
  2. PieceofBritney

    other Gold digger

    I was born in Iran and it's interesting how dating Britney made him known to everybody overnight. Iranians sometimes TELL ME that Britney's dating an Iranian guy and they don't even know I'm Britney fan. Like it's an interesting piece of news. Before no one in Iran knew his name. He might've have had some followers from starring in Fifth harmony videos or ...but barely anybody knows Fifth harmony in Iran but now a huge amount of people know his name and follow him on insta.
  3. If you put recent photoshoots (https://goo.gl/images/PpJXKW next to the new pepsi photo) alongside each other you'll see final results look similar. They were edited by different people. So 2018ney face + professional lighting, after professional touch up looks like that pepsi shoot. Same as many photoshoots before that while they didn't resemble her 100% the core is her face. example this pepsi shot: https://goo.gl/images/qkoCZ3
  4. PieceofBritney

    exhale MYSTERY SOLVED: Exhale Detectives Pulled Through - Brit's Hair

    If she does this now it will look amazing because her face is not as puffy. Her hair is too big for her face now.
  5. But this photo looks like 2018 Britney Unless you want her to look like 10 years ago.
  6. Why I still like their songs. They're better than the most tbh. Girls like you is great. Specially the album version.