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  1. I hated them too but as I watched a couple times I realize once she memorize the easy moves (including walking parts and...) she might put more energy into perfecting the rest. She looks excited about it. Everything, including the stage is new to her, she wouldn't be able to deliver perfection when she's still getting used it, so we shouldn't judge the show yet. That's what I hope is going to happen : )
  2. Before she looked like she wouldn't want to do more than she was doing but her the recent videos are full of liveliness and energy so she shouldn't waste it on stupid choreography. If she's done it herself someone close to her (hoping sam would) tell her she's capable of doing more. I'm hoping she'll venture in into more complicated dance moves as the rehearsals progress. She's obviously into it.
  3. I edited my post. I meant stomach fat. In earlier post I did say it could be due to her pregnancy too. If you look up. It could be mixture of both. And genetics also play big role imo. She's gained and lost her stomach fat a couple times. she was never fat. English is not my first language lol M y point is every thing wrong with her is not result of a surgery gone wrong. Stop making up stories about surgeries she's done.
  4. As I mentioned above I have the same problem, exactly and I'm a guy and only 28. I was never FAT. So it's just as barely noticeable as hers and visible during certain activities. it won't show in high wasted pants and fit pants in general, and only noticeable when jumping on down. It's because she got stomach fat at some point and lost the weight it's the stretched skin but not as much a very fat person will end up withg. That's why it doesn't stick out or anything it only appears when you move around too much. If you look at other artists too you'll realize they start tightening or wear only high wasted or tightening clothes around their stomach pants as they age too. Have you seen a recent JLo performance with her belly button showing? I don't know how old you're but it does happen to pretty much everybody as they age, maybe it's fixable with surgery at Britney's age but nobodys stomach stays tight and fit forever. Pay more attention to what older artists wear, you'll see it's not just Britney's problem stomach skin loosens as you age and having bad genetics won't help it. We know Britney doesn't have the best because she has potential to get fat, this is the result of getting thin and fat constantly and has nothing to do with surgery.
  5. It's the excess skin, proves she hasn't done lipo.... I'm not fat, I work out every day and when I jump up and down the exact same thing happens even when I'm on restrict diet and do ab exercises constantly. That skin is literally the last thing that goes away for me...and it comes back as quickly. I think it naturally gets worse as you age. I think that's why she wears those constrained outfits. It's sad because she's otherwise super fit, this is not something you can control it's partially genetics in my case, (hers can be due to pregnancy too) our lower stomach fat is very persistent. I think she hasn't done those stomach surgeries after all, I think a surgery would fix that.
  6. The choreography is terrible and I consider myself a britard. Even the dancers don't look good, actually Britney looks better than them because the energy is there. I hope there's more do it....
  7. You do realize there are videos of her working out taken by a phone. If you can't find anything wrong with it and it annoys you, at least don't embarrass yourself by stating such a irrelevant fact. She's fit, if they make changes for creative purposes that's up to the director, there are tons of unedited photos and videos of her body and there's literally nothing wrong with it. Also they don't really need to edit it as that outfit does the tightening of the waste on its own, her waist is not bare. Before anyone comes for me I do realize there's editing on the scene she splashes water, but there was clearly no need for it because in other scenes when she's lying down it's her real waist. Everybody has seen her new body many times too and it doesn't need it.
  8. The last shot before the video ends...she looks so good! A glimpse of 2002ney.
  9. PieceofBritney

    exhale Britney had to fight for MATM and Toxic

    I love Ariana I'm just making an example. Making decisions based on where in charts a song will land is stupid. MATM is iconic after all these years whereas there might be songs that hit no.1 in the first day but long-forgotten now; like what would happen to a song like Thank you, next. Charts aren't that serious, they shouldn't be the main reason of an artist's existence, specially after they're already well-known. Obsession about charts is what keeps artists from growth, because "GP" now wants the same exact style repeating over and over again. I'm just annoyed by all these kids acting like they know everything, dismissing artists popularity back then went beyond some stupid numbers; if someone was big was really big nowadays everybody's just in a straight line, that's why no release is shocking nor exciting anymore. Back then each artist brought their own flavor to the music now they keep repeating what's "Good" till it's no longer the "it" style.
  10. PieceofBritney

    exhale Britney had to fight for MATM and Toxic

    Who cares if it flopped it's f**king iconic now. Everybody remembers that stage of her career. Without Madonna collab and the kiss everything would've ended differently. At the time not everybody had access to award shows so what made "passing torch" thing final was the music video. It was an statement and everybody remembers it to this day. You must be a kid not to understand how big it was at the time. I'm assuming you're just talking about US chart....Britney was popular EVERYWHERE and that video reached everybody, not just some americans with bad music taste. I mean look at mainstream music now....I don't understand the obsession with charts when it depends on the americans with zero good taste in music. I don't want her to be top of the chars now when I don't agree with anything up there, I prefer her to stay down below than to make music that appeals to those people who praise a song like Thank you, next, which is only got popular because of mean girls themed video and many good songs never reach the top because they're not cheesy and stupid. If anybody else rather than Ariana sang no one thought it's amazing, that song it sounds basic as f**k. And the lyrics??? Taylor swifts break up songs>
  11. PieceofBritney

    video funny french interview for the movie crossroads

    It was so short. I want more funny interviews. It was amazing.
  12. PieceofBritney

    music So sad Britney never had this much freedom...

    But I feel like people surrounding Britney, including her family, wouldn't encourage her to do so. If they did she'd have more confidence in herself and she might've released shitty music but there was a chance she ended up releasing amazing stuff too. But they always went with what is safe, and her fans are even same way now they praise a generic album like femme fatale but they already forgot about Glory. When it's up to her only there's 50/50 chance but also possibility of something amazing, but Britney hardly ever gambles with this type of thing anymore. I want her to be truly free in a sense that she has power to experiment and fail but her career, in her prime, was always calculated and kept inside a certain style and genre. Hence so many amazing songs was released only as bonus tracks.
  13. PieceofBritney

    music So sad Britney never had this much freedom...

    You sound like someone who's obsessed about views and dismissing anyone who's not your favorite. Back then we never cared about statistics and views so views and popularity in internet is least my worries when I follow an artist. I have a hard time taking you seriously now. I never said I wanted Britney to do just as Halsey did I wanted her to be who she truly wants! You're misunderstanding my point. Artists in 2018 get more freedom in what they put out(including Britney herself), I do not want Britney to act "rebellious" or anything. If you watch the interview she says she's surrounded by people who support her vision, that's what I wanted Britney to have back then. Also Halsey does write a lot of her music and Badlands a truly amazing album, so no she's not like just every other pop artist now, her music actually sounds different from the awful generic recent music.
  14. PieceofBritney

    music So sad Britney never had this much freedom...

    My post is about before not now, I actually believe she has freedom in 2018. But so much creativity got lost from her early years.
  15. PieceofBritney

    music So sad Britney never had this much freedom...

    It's not that she's not free now, I actually think they give her so much control now but I think having relied on them for so long it's hard to remember what she truly wants to be, that's why she can't get her full creativity back. I hope something happens that make her realize she needs to dig deeper and bring that passion back, for herself. Because I really do see a difference lately but she's still not close to what she can really be. I'm happy and fine with what she's putting out now but I'm sad that they did this to her that's all.