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  1. I'm starting to believe the song was never finished. I think she was writing poetry at the time to release her feelings and decided to put it to a melody in the studio on a whim. It reminds me of Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" song, the original interlude/snippet that appeared on her "Talk That Talk" album. According to The-Dream, the song's producer, that's all the track ever was. It was unfinished but Rihanna still wanted it on the album. The-Dream said he knew the fans were going to be upset the song wasn't full but she didn't care. Eventually Ri' went back in the studio and worked up the remix/finished version we now have w/ her ex Chris Brown. I think over the years Rebellion has amassed cult status and is the ultimate song in Britney mythology. The story of Rebellion changes every 5 years. Who had it, who produced it, fake lyrics pop up, the little leaks we got have been fused and looped together so many times it's so chaotic it's a complete tall tale at this point. Do I wanna hear a legitimate complete version of Rebellion? Of course! but lets talk hard truths... what if there isn't one? We need to start a new challenge. The next person who actually gets to talk to Britney directly needs to straight up ask are we every going to hear a full version of Rebellion? (videos or it didn't happen)
  2. I went "State Of Grace" because I just love it. When I listen to it I just feel it. Like forreal feel it! but I was so close to voting "Strangest Love" because it's such a groove. Such a sensual vibe but ultimately I had to chose State Of Grace. #JusticeForBlackout ...it should have made the final track list. (I inserted it on my digital library's Blackout track list between "Hot As Ice" & "Ooh Ooh Baby" ...it flows nicely there for me. Y'all should give it a listen in that order...euphoria awaits you! ...you're welcome)
  3. I want anything she wants to put out ...as long as it's actually Britney as the real main vocalist ...and as long as she has real creative control and it's what she actually wants to do. In reality all the songs would get remixed anyway for all those opposed so...
  4. When it comes to music Brandy can do no wrong!
  5. Louisa, she won the X Factor UK a few years back and she should be an A-List pop princess right now. Instead she parted ways with her label and still has yet to release a debut album. Though she did give us this Dirrty 2.0 banger! ...and she has more underrated bops too... and... idk why she's not a main international pop girl right now?
  6. He really is a super-producer. While I do love his collabs, my favorite Calvin Harris songs are ones he actually sings on. I love his voice. "Feels So Close" & "Summer" really were IT! Yaaas King!
  7. #1 REVIVAL - for me she finally arrived with Revival. I always liked her before but I couldn't deny anything on Revival. Revival is a mood, issa vibe. #2 Rare - it took me a little longer to fully appreciate Rare. With REVIVAL it was instant but Rare is definitely a grower not a shower. #3 Stars Dance - was cute with a few bangers and stand out tracks but it just wasn't as fully thought out and cohesive as REVIVAL & Rare. (there's a reason she doesn't acknowledge it as SG1 that distinction belongs to REVIVAL)
  8. Lol, the first few times I listened to Britney Jean I really liked it but it really is the more you listen the more you "hear" I really miss Britney's old style of singing full voiced. I still enjoy her current tone but I do long for some of those nostalgic notes from her.
  9. So, I was just listening to Britney's first self-titled album (the beautiful gem that it is) and when I got to "Bombastic Love" a connection was made in my mind. I feel like Britney's vocal delivery in this song is what Myah Maire tried to imitate while recording for Brit. I can really hear the inspiration on some of the Britney Jean tracks especially "Til It's Gone". Just a thought but what do y'all think, do you hear the specific "Bombastic Love" inspiration too or is it just me?
  10. With all of these accusations against celebrities, I always wonder why just post them on social media? Literally go file a police report or something. A Twitter cancel is not enough if the allegations are real.
  11. The thing is that society has glamorized movies like Gone With The Wind as one of the best films of all time. As a black person watching that movie I don't see it. HBO MAX removed it but also said they would bring it back with an added feature to, I guess, explain the racist time that this film was made in and how we have to stop normalizing these degrading roles for black people. So y'all can stop overacting about it being temporarily removed. Now as for those racist British shows (Little Britain, etc.) Eff 'em, get rid of 'em, burn the masters, straight trash!
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