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  1. why would she touch your hand?
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    socialney What could she do to look her age?

    wash her face, no make up to bed, sunscreen, facials, microderm, chemical peels, retinol, laser skin resurfacing, moisturizing, stop smoking (will never happen) she never needed invasive work, she just needed to take care of herself and her actual skin. she could go for injections once her actual skin is healthier (if she felt she needed them). i'm sure her level of stress and whatever medications she is on also have a negative effect on her skin quality as well.
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    socialney New Promo Pic Of Britney!

    it's like they used that app that turns your photo into a "painting"
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    socialney Why "Army"?

    britney's "army" existed before fandoms started utilizing nicknames. it was given as a result of how militant and aggressive some would be when it came to defending her. now it's a tchotchke.
  5. can you kill something that's already dead?
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    socialney What was the peak of your Standom?

    oops and britney. i was obsessed with the oops video and performances.
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    tour What Was Your Reaction to the FFT

    i was concerned for her health.
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    video Yoga Queen(new Instagram post)

    you could practice dance if you have that much free time