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  1. have any news outlets picked this up?
  2. i hope her feelings aren't hurt. she's obviously excited that she is able to post more.
  3. so you don't support britney's autonomy?
  4. no matter how many candids we have of her in clothes, with brushed hair, going on dates with her handler/going to the drive-thru with her handler, stay vigilant.
  5. are you guys really pretending like peoples' teams don't call the paparazzi?
  6. "just like you, britney does the drive-thru with her best friend, reporting and recording all of her behavior! she is free!"
  7. "look how free she is. silly britney fans. ha ha ha ha ha."
  8. i believed it until i read what was said about #freebritney. fans want her to regain her autonomy, and nothing more.
  9. make up and light
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