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  1. Because he's teaching the Slave choreography today..... Hes been promoting it on his Instagram posts/stories everyday for a period of time and even did some interviews
  2. Britneys bf Sam Asghari is very good friends with Gaga's manager Bobby... it makes sense that he follows Brit.... and I'll be not surprised if it is true that bobby is brit's new manager.
  3. This book is on No.1 Best seller list of New Age & Spirituality categories on Amazon !!
  4. I think because of the #freebritney movement, Britney has bee sidelined by Lou (and probably Larry) , they won't permit her to do any "works" in the entertainment industry.... so now Lou is focus on Jamie Lynn .... had her to a netflix show and seems like sth else from Jamie Lynn is coming also(her ig post about a script) ........ hope something regarding the cship is changing next Jan..... or we won't be seeing Britney doing anything.... other than workouts and changing outfits in her house.....
  5. Wondering why she flew to LA and stayed only for the weekend and flew back to L.A. so soon.... what for?
  6. I more and more believe that she's been locked up in/around her house and cant go out to wherever she wants.... hope she's not isolated from the outside world .....
  7. I agree too..... she's been caged in the conservatorship for so long that she never had chances to grow .... I always find her IG photos/videos immature and sometimes cringeworthy to look at.... I've been a fan since day 1 ..... she's been big part of my youth and I will always love her... I really do hope she will get out of conservatorship some day ( soon) and live her life and grow..... it's better to make mistakes and learn for them than scaring to make mistakes and living a isolated life from reality. ....
  8. Um.... The comment section for this Disney post is gone.... What were the comments that made Britney/whoever posted for Britney shut down the comment section for this post??
  9. I saw Jamie Lynn's Instagram stories and she's at the Atlanta Braves baseball game.... with her daughter Maddie and Britney's sons Sean P. and Jayden.... https://www.instagram.com/jamielynnspears/ I'm just wondering if Britney still sees her own sons ....
  10. YES she did... She commented on Gus Kenworthy IG post last Christmas(He wore a BOMTney Hoodie to ski " ❤❤❤" Hope you'll find Britneys comment among those 946 comments under that post.
  11. I Agree... her photos or videos posted on her IG has been giving me very childish vibe... The fact that she's a 38 year old woman kind of made me worried about her mindset.... I dont know if it's because she's been under conservatorship for so long or anything..... Yes, she looks good and happy but sth just doesn't feel right....
  12. Her New Instagram Post is a picture of sentences saying " WHEN ENOUGH IS ENOUGH YOU DO NOT GET THE RIGHT TO INCITE HATE AND PERPETUATE LIES. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. " and caption of this post that Lou wrote : Enough ⭐️ No one gets the right to take my name and accuse me of hate and continue perpetuating lies. I have been silent long enough. Anyone who knows me knows I am a lover of people ? - so let me speak truth - I employ people who identify as LGBTQ ?️‍? Some of my best friends identify as LGBTQ ?️‍? Some of my most trusted advisors identify as LGBTQ ?️‍? - For anyone to think they can take my name incite hate and continue this nonsense is sadly mistaken. I have endured death threats - my clients and family harassed - all over hate and what people “think they know” Enough is Enough. And Jamie Lynn commented " ❤?❤" and Lou replied " love you little one."
  13. It's a french interview.... They were playing a game like writing answers to questions on the board, mostly whats their fav ... at 2:20 left, the question was "Quel est le groupe prefere de Tom? " which means " What is Tom's favorite band" .... Tom wrote his fav band right at the moment is "Queen" while Jake wrote "Britney Spears" Tom saw Jake wrote Brit, and said as a kid, he's obssessed with Brit, like full on head over heels mad crush..... and Jake rolled his eyes when he saw Tom wrote "Queen" said " Toms pretending he's really fan of Queen, but he listened to britney on set All the time..." It's kinda cute.... watch the clip below starts at around 2:20 left https://www.instagram.com/p/BzaqomHHcpB/
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