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  1. britney_rocks

    tour This is unacceptable SCREAMING

    I’ve seen Wendy do better entraces
  2. britney_rocks

    exhale You know the fandom is really dying..

    She did this to her legacy. Can’t blame anyone else but herself
  3. Me looking at this seating chart like
  4. I don't know why, but I just can get into her music or her.
  5. britney_rocks

    music New set list for future

    What we want What we will get Act 1 Knee Tapping Act 2 Breast Explosion Act 3 Butt Whipes Act 4 Hair fixing Act 5 Shocked Face Encore Riccus
  6. britney_rocks

    tour POM Meet and Greet Evolution

    I can't
  7. britney_rocks

    music Which Britney tours had your favorite remixes?

    Nothing beats these masterpieces
  8. I cant stand James Corden. Besides hearing what a cocky asshole he is, he tries way too hard.
  9. britney_rocks

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    She won't be giving up that D that easily
  10. britney_rocks

    other Britney MIC FEED - Apple Music Festival

    "I always sing live"