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  1. 100000x better than the Toxic performance on POM. live vocals - check attitude - check Dancing that doesn’t look like it was taken from a Zumba work out - check
  2. britney_rocks

    tour Meet and Greets are now $2000

  3. But didn't they use the same 20 year old vocals for the same show during oops and baby? Those are the ones that deserved the pre recorded vocals treatment the most TBH
  4. As long as they bring this back Thats all I'm asking.
  5. Instead, she waves to the crowd a few times. She plays with her hair. She walks down some steps, past the fans who have been waiting for who knows how long, and immediately steps into a waiting SUV and drives away. I
  6. Lol I would’ve been less disappointed is she had said that tonight.
  7. Top of what exactly? Cause she hasn’t had a number one album and song in years.
  8. britney_rocks

    other The huge change I'm hoping for this era

    And good choreography An amazing first video that doesn’t get scrapped. (Looking at you Make Me)