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  1. I really liked this album and I thought it was A LOT better than Joanne. I thought the melodies for each song was strong and reminiscent to her earlier pop songs that I love.
  2. so why exactly is she still trying to prove the date that she shot the video? i know a lot of people noticed she was posting older workout vids from her time in the facility last year but why now?
  3. omg I made this a long time ago for fun but then deleted it after I posted on another britney forum and got a lot of dislikes for it. It was just for fun but I could always make more that sound much more realistic of course
  4. Her team definitely reads a lot of Exhale. As soon as somebody pointed out how red wasn't her favorite color, immediately "Britney" posts how red USED TO be her favorite color...
  5. These were unofficially uploaded by a fan. They were uploaded as podcasts as they have less of a chance of being taken down by RCA / Team Britney. It'll probably be taken down soon though so download for offline listening while you can
  6. This instrumental is missing some stems unfortunately
  7. The instagram video that she just posted makes me wonder if there was more than just those 12 seconds that Britney recorded? It just cuts so abruptly like she could have mentioned something about the conservatorship only to have been censored by her team AGAIN
  8. Her part isn't even long yet it has so much replay value. I hope we get more deep cuts on B10 that showcase this side of her voice
  9. I think it would sound better with Myah's voice in the chorus instead of Sia
  10. This is interesting to listen to. Could you make a Myah free Passenger edit?
  11. She said "I'm tired of being brunette. It scares me" but she doesn't look brunette at all
  12. The Pitbull song was confirmed by Pitbull. It's their second collaboration (first being Hey Ma!)
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