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  1. BritneyLover

    exhale Is Britney large

    In argentina she IS considered the undisputed princess of pop, but at the same time she is not taken seriously nor being respected for her artistic skills. Its like everyone loves her as if she was a little girl playing that gets away with what she wants, and not loved in a way of a mature grown up singer woman. And her way of dealing with everything that happened is the reason i find. It was like... NEVER ACTUALLY TALKED ABOUT IT For example, Rihanna TALKED about what happened to her. And she brings that passion through her performances, lyrics, songs and... Live singing. She embraced it and ppl loved that. Britney never actually embraced comming back from hell. She did but in a very VERY "pop" way, amd WEEEEE where the ones to share the messege to a friend: "ok..... I know .. But look what happened in 2007, poor Britney..." To justify her lack of conficende, dancing skills, live singing, zero interaction with fans, stiffness, etc etc etc. So it all seems and feels just like a conspiracy theory made up by US. And it worked but it has been freakin 12 years. She HAD the time to recover from that, even the time to take... Singing lessons? There are no more justifications, it is just HER WILL. And she doesnt give a f**k about any of this. Yet.... after aaaaallll this, the answer still is: Britney is loved and her songs uo till workbitch are still being played at discos and everyone bops to them. Glory never existed at least in argentina