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  1. All right i get that she sang this, recorded it and her voice is used as a lead the whole song.... YET I CANT FIND HER VOICE in the final version. I dont care if its because they leyered her voice with 7 other girls or if its autotuned, doubled, pitched, or whatever. I just cant find the voice i fell in love with. Im not pretending to listen to her voice sound as it did in "sometimes" but at least ala heaven on earth. I hear it in this acapella version butnNOT IN THE FINAL version of the song. Add that britney doesnt want to work, there is no reason to listen to this wasted song. I like the song but im a britney fan, not a fan of a girl from my neighborhood that could have recorded this because this sounds like any random girl but brit. Sorry, next
  2. I dont really care about any music from brit if she doesnt clearly show she is behind it and wants it BUT... this friday is my bday and ****... It would be awesom to have some new britney music that day. I hate this lol
  3. Is that really britney live singing her higher notes and album adlibes LIVE??? Ive never seen that vid before im shook
  4. And more than "pay" i really think they arranged it as some kind of forgiveness to MTV for letting Britney go on stage in 2007 and taking advantage from her state at the moment and expose her. I mean, i think they could even have sued mtv but they did not.
  5. I get your point but i really did not felt it that way when everything started. Its not like i knew or thought she was FORCED and kept on buying and wanting more. As im sure most of you did not I really think well of us Britney fans. We are one of the most empathetic fan bases and that is (in part of course) because of everything we went through with our fave. I really remember feeling like she needed understanding and that i BELIEVED HER when she said she wanted her career and that dancing was her therapy and passion. For the record was a VERY smart move. Even now there was not even a single time where she spoke her mind about not wanting any of this. I get that she is in a conservatorship but i cant stand thinking of her as such a submissive victim when even britney herself said she hated to be seen in that way. I think everything we did was way more well intended that just "wanting more" We just thought and understood she was going through some mental illness and that she was changed and had some symphtoms such as anxiety, or moving differently, but that she was willing to deal with that and wanted to go on with her career. At least I saw everything in that light. Femme fatale for example. We were SUPPORTING her as many other unknown ppl that have issues and want and need to work and follow theie dreams. We fought with the society itself, with our peers, with lost fans, with other fan bases, haters, our families and friends explaining to them WHY britney was changed Time passed and it is NOW that we realize that its enough time for any person to do therapy, recover, or at least be stable to not ve under a conservatorship any more. It was TIME what everyone needed to see the differenxe between a good urgent measure to heal her and slavery. I belive in her, and i belive in US
  6. Lol what? That surely explains why he can have a voice and speak for his own and she cannot? Do we even know britney diagnosis?
  7. She COULD speak out. She could have just sayid it live in any concert or tv show she attended, she had several mics on on her hands, there is no way she is pretending every smile she makes on red carpets and interviews while being KIDNAPPED bu her team. She could even just stop eating if she wsnted to protest silentkly to her team if she was ib such a situation. The fact which i agree is that people can have mental illness and that does not justify a conservarotship nor the way she seems to be. It is OBVIOUS everyone around her put the miney machine before the person because IF NOT she would have in 12 years some kibd of proper and reall treatment that would put her somewhere simolar in her life at least at what 2016 looked like in a stable way. She may even be herself who does not like therapy or does not attach to treatments or whatever but this woman has posibilities to take action and does not. Fans are doing what britney herself doesnt seem to be interested in doing. Ppl should stop pretending she is kidnapped and giving signs with the color of clothsm COME ON. She may have ser issues but she is not STUPID. She is BRITNEY SPEARS and to be honest if she is AFRAID of her team doing some kind of harm to her boys or something like that what a lame of an excusse to not make a move. Not even one REALL and easily recognizable hint about being in problems, wanting to scape a situation or ending the conservatorship in 12 years. And in case u missunderstabd me, i AGREE WITH FREE BRITNEY MOVEMENT but just because i think she should deal with her mental issues and life as an independent adilt and enpowered woman instead of a ridiculous conservatorship that makes her live like peter pan And OF COURSE thet are profiting from this but i just dont think she is like kidnapped or something like that and that is unable to speal her mind. She never wanted to. NEVER
  8. Signed! Dont u guys turn this thread into a personal fight. There are more replies about that user that about signing this. B is on quarentine since 2007 so lets sign and share
  9. I love invitation and its moodddd, but i wouldnt chose it as a fave just because i think britney only sings: "yes or no but no maybes, not gonna beg so dont make me" And thats it lol
  10. Im i the only one who took her comment about filming this on fathers day as a way of saying IM AT HOME I DID NOT SEE MY DAD ON HIS DAY CAUSE I HATE HIM? Like, the way she said it and all gave me that resentful vibe I agree she should not place the camera from above and the music was always tje same part again and again what the hell, but i dont think SHE edited it The rest i actually enjoyed, it was britney giving a training routine and tips to us. I loved it. I think what makes everything look so cringeney is the fast forward effect. Simple moves look like WHAT IS HAPPEING TO HER but appar from her normal anxiety and insecurity, it is just the effect
  11. This is something i really dislike about britney. She has showed her good and humble heart in every possible way but NEVER by standing and speaking out loud to defend something in which she belives or supports. Not just the gay comunity which i know she loves cause since she was very young she had gay friends and dancers who she shared everything with. But anything, not even one topic. Bullying, black lives, even her personal stuff, mental health, etc. She never speaks to defend anything. The closest is a 140 characters post thay we dont even know if she wrote. I get that not everyone has to be an activist and that she takes many things more naturally and even the fact that she never USED us as a flag to promote herself (unlike gaga) is something i cherish BUT COME ON. 20 years into your career there has to be many things you learned and u want to make a statement using your power of influence. It feels childish, uninterested and even cold and despreciative at this point. I think her personal life is in such a place that she is not able to think or talk about others lives. She used to express herself in such a good way, last time i can recall is on For the Record. She always knew how to speak properly but yet never did about something that was not about HER Im still waiting for her to talk about Andre
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