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  1. I don't know what to think anymore. I hope this is approved so that Britney has good people fighting for her and on her side. It's about damn time that her voice is heard in this case. This whole thing (the conservatorship) needs to end already. It just goes to show you what money does to people, even family. Money has destroyed many families before and will continue to destroy families. It's very powerful and very addictive. Just give her her freedom already. Like, there are so many ways they can do this responsibly so I don't understand why they aren't. End it in stages so it's not like one day she's completely free and has 100% control over her money. I don't know...all I know is that the conservatorship over her person needs to end. This is ridiculous and shows you how the courts operate. Britney isn't the only one in this position... I hope things start going the way she wants them to and I hope, when she's 100% READY, that she does some kind of documentary on Netflix and tells her story. I think people are really interested to hear her side and what's happened etc.
  2. Personality really is everything, at least to me. I’ve fallen in love with a guy who I didn’t think was attractive at all. Once I got to know him though, I thought he was the hottest thing on the planet.
  3. Having said what I said, I sincerely hope she does like a Netflix documentary or a Netflix tell all type thing. I think Britney has a lot to say and the world wants to and needs to hear it. Whether it be positive or negative, it's time for Britney herself to speak out about the situation and what's gone on over these last 12+ years.
  4. It's VERY interesting that all of this stuff is happening now. We'll see what comes of it. For those that are hoping for a new album and a big comeback, I would calm down if I were you. I don't think music or performing are either on Britney's radar right now. It seems like there's a lot going on behind the scenes in this case that we have no clue about. I just hope for the best for Britney, that's all.
  5. I just finished watching this interview and I'm...confused. I don't get it. By that I mean, I don't understand why he did this interview. He gave barely any information. He answered most of the questions with saying that he didn't know or wasn't sure. His views on women are clearly ****ed up but that's a different discussion for a different time. I have to say that after watching this interview, I am genuinely concerned for Britney. I was always one of the fans that would say "we don't know what's going on behind the scenes", "we don't know everything" etc etc. But watching Bryan answer the questions that he was given with complete BS made it clear to me that he was put up to this (probably by his dad) and that his dad made it clear to him to not make him look bad in anyway. Britney is his LITTLE SISTER. He should know more than he claims to (which I'm sure he does) and also care more than he came off to. I'm jumping on the #FREEBRITNEY train and I think there are things that the family and people involved with the conservatorship are really concerned about coming out to the public. Probably some criminal activity. I'm convinced by this because of this interview Bryan did and the "technical" issues they had in court yesterday with getting Britney on. Very concerning.
  6. That's such complete and utter BS. TMZ has lost all credibility for me. They have a member of the Spears family (I'm sure we can all guess who) who is feeding them the information that THEY want out there in the public. I'm sorry but no one "hacked" the zoom call that Britney was supposed to be on. AND this is a LEGAL matter that is being directed by the courts. They should have tested out her connection well before she was supposed to be on before the judge. I find it to be quite ridiculous and alarming that they didn't do that and the court date was set for a different time because Britney "couldn't connect". Not buying it.
  7. This is a bad move. I'm sorry, but you can't sell a phone without including AT LEAST charging capabilities that doesn't require the consumer to purchase another product. The headphones, fine I guess I understand that but not the charger. That's ridiculous. And this is coming from a HUGE Apple products lover. I have the latest iPhone 11 pro max, an iPad pro 12.9 inch, the newest Macbook Pro laptop. I plan on buying the iPhone 12 pro max when it comes out but, again, not providing charging capability with a device like this is idiotic, IMO.
  8. He doesn’t steal anything but this guy and his brother are pure trash. It’s shameful that people like this can become famous and become millionaires for no good reason.
  9. The song is fine. Enjoyable but nothing ground breaking or anything. The video, for me, is bleh. I think it could have been better. And I can’t stand Lady Gaga’s dancing. I feel like she has no rhythm and her dancing always looks really awkward and forced to me. Just my opinion.
  10. I love both tours. Both were special in their own way. Having said that, DWAD was PURE MAGIC. This was Britney at her absolute prime. The show was pop perfection and I dare any of today's pop stars to try and top it. Won't ever happen.
  11. Like someone else said, I think Britney needs to do a Netflix documentary or even make it a mini-series with 3-4 parts. She should only do this though when she's out of the conservatorship and when she's FULLY ready to be raw and honest. If done right, I think it could be huge for her.
  12. Urbanoutfitters has a limited edition Oops vinyl and cassette tape. Both set to ship in August
  13. This is incredibly immature but not surprising. For me, Demi Lovato has always been and seemed like a shady *** person. Not the drugs or her being high but just her period. I never got good vibes off of her. I think she’s a miserable and incredibly jealous human being.
  14. This makes me sick. I can’t believe people would go pay to see this. This is horrible to profit from an artist in this major way it’s all just gross and I don’t like it.
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