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  1. That'd be cute, but I think it would turn into a Britney roast by the trolls in the comments section.
  2. You know she wanted to be dead as soon as she answered how she felt about playing the game. "I'm reallly excited"
  3. People definetely care, she's a legend at this point. She's a great vocalist and one of the greatest performers of our generation. And on top of that she's a really hard working woman. The problem with her now is the music imo. It's as simple as that. She hasn't released a commercial pop hit in forever.
  4. The fan made one is hands down the best one. I think it's because the fans actually do it with passion, unlike the average label graphic designer who is just doing his job. It's so cute that she decided to use it. Britney's team should put my version of the Make Me video up in VEVO. lol
  5. Honestly guys I'm just so jealous we never got a visual album from Brit. Imagine having one for ITZ. Beyonce fans are really lucky.
  6. one of the few album tracks i actually added to my playlist from that album (+ walking on air) but she made the right call imo.
  7. Is it just me or is her dancing starting to get a little stiff? or maybe it's just this style that doesn't really fit her. idk. and i'm sorry but mama, this song is garbage. i miss her beyonce era days.
  8. Hey! Thanks. Well, I actually created that with photoshop and animated it in sony vegas adding moving clouds and making the sun shinier. But unfortunately I don't have that file anymore. I made that back in 2011. :/ Jajaja. Hola! Yeah, I edit vids from time to time as a hobby. Thanks! ...and yeah, my *** ends up on my feed sometimes. She has the worst taste, it's so annoying. She's also talked **** about "Why Try" and "NASA" , two other personal favs of mine... but then she goes and praises the sleeping inducing Beyonce reject "R.E.M", wich only further proves my point
  9. I've done several Britney vids! Most recently a video for the Step On Up x Gimme More mashup. but yeah I've been asked to do something related to the #freebritney movement before. idk give me ideas and i may be able to come up with something cool. thanks guys for all the comments so far! really enjoyed your emoji choices
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