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  1. Great analysis! The comparison had escaped me, but I agree with what you pointed out. I of course prefer "Blackout" and think it's a thousand times better than "Rated R" because I'm a Britney stan, but thanks for sharing this!
  2. Maybe it was the work of like a .................... bot, or something? It's weird that Wayfair responded that the descriptions weren't accurate enough though, I thought they would reply something like "we have no idea who posted that or why". Like, I thought nothing could be more sinister than Trump. But now look at this.
  3. Weistein was basically THE biggest man in Hollywood, the last person anyone would go against.
  4. omg I'm sure you were the first, I'm not laughing at thatttt * rolls eyes in Spanish *
  5. There's no way Rose chickened out wih any kind of alleged threat after having gone against Weinstein. She's a real badass. If she deleted her post(s), there must be another reason.
  6. Shouldn't all signatures be from US citizens? If it's the White House we're talking about... In other words, who are "We, the People..."
  7. I don't want to be a bummer but I kind of have the feeling that her team has not and isn't preparing to release any kind of material for her fans... That takes organization and time if you want to do it right and with respect and quality, and we get SO little from them. Even the merchandising from her store looks half-a ssed sometimes. They could be selling SO much if they were smart...
  8. I'm sorry if this is serious but I cannot believe it. It's OUTRAGEOUS if true, and people around the world should be condemning this country if true. PS: And having erased women for years, those men are going to suck so much d ick when they grow up, which would be quite ironic.
  9. We all keep laughing at that title but this is not like Hillary's "Fan Demanded" music video, at least the word comes from the "Mood Ring" lyrics: I kinda like it with that context, just saying...
  10. Even though I love Katy, I'm not a certified KatyKat, but still I'm definitely NOT a clown! So I pass.
  11. How come this isn't talked about here? There's a Britney Instagram fan account (among so many, and all amazing! they might even stop me from lurking hot guys accounts that's all I'm saying) called "Britney's Vault", which started (buying, I think? and) leaking many UHQ pictures and outtakes from many Britney photoshoots! You seriously cannot miss this. All download links have been shared in this Google Doc: Touch Of My Han---I mean CLICK OF MY MOUSE / TAP OF MY FINGER We've gotten many "new" pictures lately but I think this is where most of them are coming from. I haven't checked them all out though. PS: I'm just letting you guys know of this, I've no idea who is behind each account or who leaks things first or if you or your grandma have already seen one of these pictures. If you haven't seen them (like me), then great! Enjoy!! :D
  12. You guys are such hipsters... You're voting "Love Again" just because it's a fan favorite but it wasn't picked as a single, so now you're making it out to be this rejected masterpiece. I mean yeah, it's a nice song, but is it really the best track? I don't think so. And as you should already know, it samples "My Woman", by Lew Stone & the Monseigneur Band feat. Al Bowlly, so it's not 100% original either.
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