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  1. These megarates make me have small seizures but I still thank you @Slayer because they are the funnest threads to read!
  2. YOU GUYS LOST YOUR MIND. That's a Top 3 song, no questions asked.
  3. WHAT. Whhhhhhhhhhatttt. His eyes said it... HIS EYES SPOKE AND YOU DIDN'T LISTENNNNN!
  4. That's 100% true. To me, the perfect example of that was Michael Jackson. He was obviously an amazing artist so he could have been successful with his talents alone, but I remember how back then at least half the conversations around him were about his persona and life. It was so unfathomable that people almost made him bigger and more complex and interesting than what he already was. Before social media, it was the same for Madonna. Heck, even my father or any man (MAN! not gay guys) on the streets would make at least a comment about her now and then. Iconic.
  5. The thing is that back then pop artists were all about the drama! Showing off and entertaining people. Now, we have the other side of the spectrum: it's cool to act like you're not even trying.
  6. I love seeing them have success! I'm a very new fan, and only now with Jessie's departure I can see how unique she is (let's be honest, she's kinda the Harry Styles of the group), but as a trio they seem still so full of energy so it'll be definitely interesting to watch.
  7. Paulina Rubio is NOT a one hit wonder. In Latin America, she's the Gwen Stefani of pop. Only Shakira and Thalía top her.
  8. According to Larry King's Twitter, his questions were "short, direct, and uncomplicated" https://twitter.com/kingsthings/status/1352960673978880000/photo/2 PS: Ian McKellen is Gandalf so of course he's on his second life already.
  9. Of course it was dumb, it was a joke! Your comment is dumb for not getting it.
  10. I think open relationships are a mess. Now a throuple? That makes more sense to me.
  11. Dude, he was 87 years old..... That's like being 135428 in gay years. A dinosaur.
  12. A mess. But kinda iconic. But it's rude. But also funny? But poor celebrity kids. But what a bunch of brats. I can only sum it up like this: If Daniel Radcliffe will die forever being Harry Potter, Lourdes will die being Madonna's daughter. If that's not an identity crisis right there, I don't know what is. So asking Lourdes to be measured and polite would be nice, but also the very struggle of her whole life. I wouldn't like to be in her shoes.
  13. Beautiful song, and beautiful (and smart) lyrics. I can definitely get on board with this one.
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