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  1. are you even a fan of Britney? Stop trying to bring up negative ****. Like Britney said the key to happiness is no memory I really don’t think she wants fans talking about some of the things she did when she was younger. Let’s move on and be positive. edit - downvote me all you want but I know for a fact threads like these would make britney feel bad.
  2. Lous hard at work trying to put **** out there to justify her 500,000 payment for business manager even though britney is not working
  3. So be submissive. Sounds about right coming from a southern women, no offense meant. But how annoying.
  4. Sam Ingham definitely switched sides because of the media scrutiny and the movement I think that’s pretty clear. Either that or the movement made Britney want to fight which is something she hasn’t done in a while. I’m so happy! But seriously, all eyes on Brenda Penny now...
  5. I would love for you to tell me why you think it’s okay for Britney to have no rights. She wants Jamie out and she wants another company to manage her estate, yet Jamie is fighting tooth and nail to stay in his position, which is against what Britney wants. If she has to give up human rights, shouldn’t she at least have some kind of say in who is running her conservatorship? And if she wants her dad out he should kindly step down, instead of trying to bring back Andrew Wallet who clearly said last year that if he stayed her conservator it would cause Britney irreparable harm??? How is this okay to you? How do you support Jamie trying to do this to Britney
  6. It’s funny that he’s bringing it up because some might look at her posts as just being quirky or a little out of the box, not concerning. I hope penny rips him a new colon, but after 12 years of this it’s like I expect the worst but hope for the best.
  7. I’m just worried it’s all too good to be true and we all know Jamie is not going down without a fight edit I am not trying to be negative I’m hoping for the best but I’m just worried about her damn dad my first downvote I’m sad
  8. Brandy is my second fav. I like to think they like each other, Britney has said multiple times she likes brandys music and even recently last year used one of brandys songs angel in disguise in one of her videos
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