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  1. More people should really be questioning this! Take Christina Aguilera who has a net worth of 160 mil when you google her, but Britney’s is 57 million. Britney’s obviously has a much more successful career earnings wise than Christina. They’re either stealing her money or it’s tax evasion. Or maybe all Britney’s money is in that trust and the conservatorship only has access to the 57 million. It’s a mystery.
  2. Primeney would probably honestly look to presentney for advice and guidance
  3. It’s so dumb if you think about it. Imagine Sean turning 18 and finally getting to visit his mom whenever he wants, and Jayden still being on a set schedule a few hours every couple of weeks for another year after that. Like what the hell. the boys are old enough now that they should be able to visit their mom and spend as much time with her as they want now, without the courts getting to decide that for them. So stupid.
  4. Anybody remember Antidote? They were always a super positive fan of Britney, never trash talked her like how a lot of members back in the day did. And this was back when the positive Britney fans were referred to as Britards 😂
  5. They act like lifting the conservatorship would be a possible death sentence for Britney. How many sources have said she could die without it? Why would her life be in such danger if she were freed? Something is not right!
  6. Exactly. They’re dragging this out until Britney cracks and finally complies with them. Then she’ll get more custody time and get to do more of what she wants. At least that’s my speculations😤
  7. Doesn’t this mean it’s just getting dragged out some more? Is he even on Britney’s side or just playing like he is
  8. Hopefully Ingham is waiting until last minute to file the petition to remove Jamie so that his lawyers don’t have much time to come up with their defense?
  9. Such unnecessary comments. Can’t stand her and her nose. Not all singers have to write their own music, it’s what song writers are for meagan... and the comments about the vocals, smh. She’s so salty.
  10. There is a court date coming up soon. Has Sam Ingram filed for termination of Jamie yet? He said he would
  11. I feel kind of bad cause I really just don’t like it. Too many parts don’t sound like Britney. I really don’t like anything about it so far.
  12. She said she doesn’t believe in marriage anymore when she went on carpool karaoke. Sam might be twisting her arm into the idea of it though. Whatever makes her happy, but get a prenup!
  13. I think most fans supported it when it started back in 2008. But as time went on many of us hoped it would end, and there was a lot of false hope over the years of it possibly coming to an end but never did. Then you had the fans that claimed the conservatorship was ‘in name’ only. It’s nice most of us are on the same page now about it and finally see the truth.
  14. I really dislike this Cassie girl. I’m sure it was Lous orders last year to make Britney appear a little unstable to try to stop the movement, so that’s why the captions just became odd, example with Britney talking about how a brand new bathing suit was her grandmothers.. And this women gets a free vacation while making Britney look bad all last year? Wow
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