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  1. Just a rumor for now.. but can you imagine any other big female character that possibly fits Beyonce? But I’m pretty sure we not gonna get any update from Black Panther team since Chad passing. Rip.
  2. So we gonna have Beyonce as Storm and Gaga as Emma Frost.. hurmm interesting..
  3. I learn how to converse in English by watching them since season 1. So sad the show will come to an end. Thanks for the iconic moment and lines... I love you guys, Bible.
  4. People tuned in because most of us are craving to watch some award shows and real live performances, no?
  5. I'm 100 percent sure if this song went to Britney, they will do the different beat, and vocal arrangement - I can see the chorus with heavy drum with typical Britney style...
  6. I miss songs like Buttons (*****cat Dolls), Objection (Shakira), Move Ya Body (Nina Sky), Superstar (Jamelia) etc..
  7. Actually the song is not that bad and it has a very catchy verse & chorus. If let say Jam was Rihanna's, I think it will sound much better! But don't get me wrong, I love Kim!
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