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  1. It leaked years ago, but I guess it's not that easy to find nowadays.
  2. Britney didn't even want the song in the first place and had to record it because of some agreement with her label. I think she made herself pretty clear regarding that song even though it's still part of her discography.
  3. I'm not saying that person is only full of sh!t, but he/she posted many edited things making people believe they were reals, and that person also relied false information in the past saying some songs were about to leak (like Burn etc) when they clearly have yet to. Also the original Burning Up etc don't originaly come from that person, those songs were anonymously posted online, Unbrokeney simply reposted it and took all the credits. That person knows how to look for stuff, but that doesn't make him/her reliable.
  4. He/she also posted many fake stuff, as being a trader myself I can tell you most legit things he/she posted are heavily shared online and about to leak anyway.
  5. Some people still believe in 2019 this account/person is legit ? lol
  6. They're not even being slick about this, the hair makes it so obvious.... Those eyes are obviously ITZney, you can fool the GP, but you can't fool a fan.
  7. She does look like Nathalie Portman, I guess...
  8. Well I guess some people never noticed, but yeah, you're two months late haha
  9. 'Don't miss the BIG news this week' lol
  10. She really needs a better wig lol
  11. The London dates are getting filmed ? Where is that coming from ? I mean, is there a source ? Would be nice if they actually do.
  12. I love her hair straight.
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