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  1. i wanted this to be real so bad... i love the sound of this. we do know antidote is a real track, just don't know what it sounded like. with the right vocals and lyrics, this song could've been ray of light-esque
  2. wow this was really nice to watch... i would love to hear what they talked about and what she had to say, since she looked so relaxed. but that's private between britney and that fan (and the boys and sam too haha) and she should cherish that forever. also it looks like britney INITIATED the second hug!!! so sweet
  3. yes you are correct and i get irrationally angry when people think her first pepsi ad came out during the super bowl. it was 100% the oscars in 2001. facts. so the OP can look up the exact date of the oscars that year haha pepsi generations / now and then premiered the following year at the superbowl, february 2002. again the OP can look up the exact date... but usually the first weekend in feb is the superbowl. one thing i've always been confused about is we will rock you... was that ever released in the US??? i remember watching it when i was little, finding a way to download the audio so i could burn it on a CD, i was obsessed with it. i was 13-14 at the time, but i remember it only being released overseas (i live in the US). but then somewhat recently, within the past year or two, some outlet posted a nostalgia piece about it and how epic it was, and everyone was flipping for it. but i was reading it just thinking to myself i was pretty sure that it did not air in the US. can someone confirm for me?
  4. i went out searching for these today too, i went to three different ones (i pass them all on my way home from work - i'm not that crazy haha)... two of them had none, and one had cardi b and what looked like a young leonardo dicaprio (random lol) maybe i'll try another one this weekend... i do have some errands to run haha
  5. ok that video makes no sense hahaha but some the visuals are cool, so with some work and a decent concept, they could've had something. my biggest problem with the "it just didn't work" thing is that, ok yeah it didn't work. BUT DID NOBODY NOTICE THAT BEFORE IT WAS ALL SHOT??? like clearly they had to know the "concept" and they should've been able to tell from there that it "didn't work." so i get why it was scrapped because it really didn't make much sense... but it should've never gotten to that point, and therefore they had to scramble and give us the crappy official video they released. also did anyone else notice the guy she was smooching is the dancer that she was allegedly dating around the time of shooting this video?? so i wonder if that was all maybe a ruse for the video and would've been some sort of PR scheme or campaign tied into the video. also the instrumental music they play during the "opening credits" is the theme from the lion king hahahaha wtf and also that's def a body double in the opening scene, not that it matters. she was literally just standing there haha
  6. ugh i saw this when it aired but didn't post here. it did make me upset, since they basically referred to her as a joke that the gays still love. but honestly with the way her career is going, she doesn't show any intentions of trying to be taken seriously, so i can't even be mad. this joke aside (or shade if it's even that, idk)... this show is actually really f**king funny, and i highly recommend it
  7. this video always makes me laugh, especially because of britney's laugh, but i also find it so shady that when she says "he's my best friend" he gives a look almost like "woah there, pump the breaks".... always seemed weird to me
  8. my company did a photoshoot here... for our line with a fashion blogger and model named gabifresh... i forget what year it was. i think it was early 2016. the theme of it was her being the "queen of the bikini" https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/01/22/gabi-fresh-plus-size-bikini_n_9045136.html
  9. yup she's singing not a girl... someone commented to her about her bracelets making noise and if it would mess her up during the performance, and she straight up says "it's playback." so then she proceeds to sing not a girl while waving the bracelets to make noise. i remember seeing this video and being annoyed. and it still annoys me to this day since she's recently said in interviews that she's busting her *** singing live and not getting credit for it... like no sorry honey, you're not singing live. you're not fooling anybody. i have no problem with lip syncing if she's going all out dancing fierce choreo, but she doesn't do that nowadays. but even still, she could at least sing ballads live and lip everything else. i don't think that's too much to ask for..... randomly singing happy birthday or something to talk about live shouldn't be a TREAT or HEADLINE. sorry i know that's not what this thread was about but i couldn't not say that after that video where she straight up admits the performance was playback haha
  10. she says "it's just me and you baby" EDIT: i thought you were saying you still thought it was "it's just me against the music" haha but yeah i never heard anything like that... always it's just me and you baby
  11. is this a regular ongoing thing? or was it was a random special event? i remember the first one a while back, and now this one... were they the only two shows? or is it a residency type thing (britney's impact tbh)
  12. normally i would agree, but how much of her recent singles have been collabs?? too many... slumber party, make me, pretty girls, scream and shout. it's just too much in my opinion. and yes i agree everyone kind of looks desperate with all the collabs (especially with cardi b - looking at you maroon 5)... but as britney's relevance to the GP continues to fade, it just looks worse on britney's part if she does a collab. she needs to prove she can be relevant and have a smash or moderate hit on her own. to prove to everyone she's more than just her legacy. had so many of her recent singles not been collabs, then i'd be a little more open to a collab now.
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