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  1. The original audio in the clip was Just Yesterday/Little Me or whatever the song's name was (it was never officially released so we don't know). Britney posted it herself on her website and titled the post "For my sister..."
  2. Watch this become something amazing only to be scrapped at the last minute.
  3. I really effin hate that they ever got Myah Marie involved at all. If Britney wasn't up to recording an album then they shouldn't have made an album at all. Instead thy tried to milk her name for all they can.
  4. I left a comment on that post correcting their misinformed ***. Y'all go do the same! Here's the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BYgsEl4gnQn/?hl=en
  5. Those look kinda uncomfortable. She'll cut them up and destroy them within 3 shows.
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