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  1. CJMCH

    other New old outtake from 1998

    lol no, thats how it was saved in the gallery, but we don't know yet cuz the album title still says unknown
  2. CJMCH

    other New old outtake from 1998

    This! Are you guessing or you know it? If so, do you know where it came from? Eveybody has been reposting it without the source. Literally, there are like 4 new digital pics floating around Twitter (1 from T White and 2 from L Peardon) without a single source.
  3. CJMCH

    other New old outtake from 1998

    I wonder who’s the photographer and where did it came from I’m being serious, all I’ve seen is reposts and no one links to the original source
  4. CJMCH

    tour Flashback: Oops...! Tour, Germany ‘00

    It's nice to know that she did her famous Patrick Demarchelier photoshoot during 2000 and not 2001 like everybody thought.