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  1. Yes, we cut that bit out, but in this version it was blurred. You're right. I wish the full video had the quality of the HD clip.
  2. There wasn't any Britney song on it, but yeah it was more than one, prob both by Timbaland. We have the longer video, but the quality is really bad and she flashes. It was also shown here, but blurred ,so we still cut out that part.
  3. It was on Hollywood TV. I think I double posted it, could someone merge these two? @PokemonSpears @Roxxy @Jordan Miller
  4. It's not. We had the software on Windows, but the laptop stopped working and, gladly, we got a new iMac. Thing is, we need a license for this AI software to work on it and it's expensive. Right now we are working on a trial while we try to meet our goal (donations since the iMac purchase left us a little bit tight) to get the full software soon.
  5. Britney did NOT, I repeat, did NOT stopped Domination because she wanted to, ALLEGEDLY ALLEGEDLY, Jamie cancelled because Britney was doing it the way she wanted to, even changing things at the very last minute with already developed numbers and putting easter eggs about the cship/freedom case on the show, ALLEGEDLY.
  6. In honor of Blackout's anniversary, we decided to dub this paparazzi video of Britney free styling with one of Blackout's tracks. it's Britney, *****!
  7. Already commented on YT, but I had to say it here: it's amazing! I loved it, flows so well
  8. Iconic photo... I was one of the few who thought it wasn't real. The whole tea I heard about this day made me eat my words, congrats Jordy! @Jordan Miller
  9. Topaz + Premiere for clean up, grain, coloring Thank you! Working with AI is always regretful, because you're always double thinking if it could work better with another setting or maybe with a double pass, at least in my case, so I just hope I'm doing the best that I could.
  10. I watched and it made me so anxious, for real. I really hate how the paparazzi and her team did her dirty. This wouldn't happen now, but back then it was "cool" to destroy popstars. For real, this world was so cruel to her and to think she was trapped after this for over a decade, paying for something she didn't even start... Oh God. I shouldn't watch part 3, it really doesn't do me good. I mean, I was here during 2007, but it didn't affect me as much as it gets me now, maybe cuz I was younger and didn't realize how serious this whole situation was. I just want her free and for all of these people to pay for what they have done to her.
  11. Yes I did. I added some grain, but YT compression erased that. The process was tricky, but the results are good compared to what we had, IMO.
  12. Either way, they still retouched her body, using filters, liquify or any other technique, so what other users said here is true: her body is less edited and bigger on Michael Cromey's version.
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