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  1. How sickening is all of this? I am just sitting thinking about little Britney. The wee girl with big dreams and now look these people have turned her dreams into an absolute nightmare. Lou Taylor how you sleep at night is beyond me and as for Jamie spears this man is in no position to think Britney can’t look after herself coming from a man that done nothing only drink and abuse his family. Jail time for all of these vultures.
  2. Wow guys this is absolutely amazing. The power of the army is real. I am so happy right now I could cry.
  3. At this point I just find anything hard to believe now. Even if Britney was to sit down and give an interview would it be what she really wants to say? Or would it be what’s she’s been told to say. Poor girl I just want to give her a hug and tell her she is loved. I am proud at the army and non fans for speaking up and showing our girl the love and support she needs and deserves. #freebritney 🤍
  4. I am seeing lots of media outlets finally speaking up... I just hope it all helps. Your in my prayers Britney 🤍🤍
  5. All I want for Britney is the freedom she deserves. Honestly I just can’t get her off my mind. I want her to raise her boys ‘GOD KNOWS THEY NEED THEIR MOM’ live a happy and peaceful life and put this absolute nightmare behind her. #freebritney #thisworlddoesnotdeserveher
  6. Aww guys I missed this ☹️ where or how can I see Brian’s replies to all your questions I am confused 🤷‍♂️
  7. You no what seeing these pictures have done me the world of good. All it took was to see a picture of our girl looking happy. Britney you are and always will be a fighter don’t let them get you down 😁❤️
  8. Honestly all day today I couldn’t focus on anything because after reading some of the things that’s been posted here about all these vultures that’s in Britney life has me really worried. Like this dementia thing? Where did this come from? I’ve never heard that be mentioned before? I can’t get my head around this? Surely if Britney was that mentally unstable she couldn’t work? She couldn’t go on holidays? She couldn’t do interviews etc? What’s going on? I am so sad and scared for her. ☹️ Do you guys really think she can be free of all of this? I am praying very hard for her and I really hope this judge does her job correct and give this girl what she deserves and that’s her right to live her life as she chooses. I honestly don’t no how Britney keeps a brave face on she has to be mentally drained like who can she trust? Who has her back? She needs someone who’s cares for Britney the person and not Britney the brand. Sorry for rambling I’ve just been upset thinking about that sweet girl all day.
  9. There is no way in hell Britney has dementia?? Oh my goodness this is all so scary. It makes me so sad. You no what I want Britney to do hit them where it hurts and retire stop the money coming in and **** the lot of them. I hate what is happening to her I cannot begin to imagine what she’s going through and to have it all played out for the world to see must be so hard given she is a pretty private person. Wish you all the best Brit stay strong.❤️
  10. I am starting to believe that some good will come from this... With all that’s been said and went on moving forward her team and everyone around her will have to change with the way they handle things because all of the news outlets and tv shows Britney will appear on in future will report any strange or worrying behaviour so they will defo have to be on their best behaviour. I believe the videos that Britney posted where posted by her at this point a lot of people are taking this a bit far. Give Britney the time she asked for and when she is ready she will speak she will have to she cannot ignore the movement that’s happened I’m guessing an another for the record style documentary will come out explaining what went on etc...
  11. All of this is just so disturbing I cannot for the life of me begin to think what’s going through poor Britney's head.. This industry and her people have totally broken her down. I can’t see an end in sight for her at all at this point. I think her only way at taking back some sort of control is to retire and stop lining the pockets of these criminals she has working to her. But please everyone some people is going to far with insults Britney wouldn’t want that sort of negativity put out there. At this point we can just hope that the courts finally wake up and free this girl and I wish for her to go to a private island with her kids and her man and live a happy life.
  12. Having set quiet for the last few days and watching how this is all playing out I am really wondering what their next move will be? I think deep down Britney will be like **** yes this is exactly the help I need but will she be able to express that or will her team continue to silence her? Moving forward I don’t think it’s going to be as easy for them to corrupt the media outlets and censor every interview she does otherwise it will be reported. I believe it is time to let Britney finally speak her truth and give this woman back her voice. I for one will always support her but moving forward if she is still under the restraints she is under I cannot and won’t be lining the pockets of her people any longer. I think if Britney cannot break free of all of this then the only way to stop them is to stop supporting any albums/tours because I believe if she is not making them any money then what use is she really to them? Stay strong Britney we all got you.
  13. They cannot keep putting these smoke screen statements out, they need to say what is actually wrong with Britney... I wish nothing but love and happiness for our girl she really does deserve the world and it actually breaks my thinking of her being in that treatment centre she must be so scared and incredibly depressed. I have got to the stage now where I want Britney to retire focus on her well being and her kids. I love you Britney you will be in my prayers ***
  14. Honestly I don’t blame Britney at all, this is a girl that is painfully shy in a room with very few people and they put on this massive spectacle with hundreds of fans, tv crews etc and have her coming out of a stage that’s bound to be the scariest thing ever? They could have recorded something a bit more personal that would cater to Britneys shyness and maybe it would have come of better? I think her team just keep setting her up for failure sometimes? But in a more positive note I thought she looked great.
  15. A documentary for sure. Britney the performer needs a well deserved rest. But I would love for her to sit down In front of the camera and discuss the truth about everything and put all speculation to rest.
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