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  1. Too many red flags, he claims they still talk but like all his examples are from 2004. And then he always mentions money.
  2. Mariah another number 1 with all I want for Christmas is you, a successful residency in vegas xtina a great residency in Vegas just extended for the end of the year, fantastic tribute at kobes memorial jlo great Super Bowl performance and hustlers movie. id day thats pretty good for being in this industry for many years
  3. Lol not for the next album but it looks like they came thruuu with the interactive experience.
  4. Literally how I became a PCD stan. They were filling that void where Britney was missing in 2005-2007.
  5. I stopped caring. Yes it makes me cringe and yes it’s a bit embarrassing. I think fans that say oh she’s so badass or oh she’s sending hidden messages like those freebritney podcast girls are just delusional and reading too much into things. im taking the posts for face value and I view it roll my eyes and move on. Could be her, could be her team. But Britney deserves her life and what she wants to do. I’m not even gonna bother with what she should do or what I’d like to see as a fan. It’s her life. I think moving forward Britney will be looked at like Michael Jackson - great entertainer in their early days but such a mystery. Almost stuck in that child like mind.
  6. I’m sorry but that doesn’t even look like Sam
  7. I love how cappy started this thread. It wasn’t too long ago that you kept saying she was in control and did only what she wanted to do. LOVES IT!
  8. Got it, fingers crossed I actually get it delivered. A fan said she ordered in the zone 15 minutes when it went on sale and they never sent her one.
  9. Her facts aren’t all correct which makes it hard to accept what she’s saying but one thing I agree with is the fans that want to deny Britney’s mental health. i think there may be a mental illness and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. But then again we know nothing - this is just based on what I see in Britney’s public persona.
  10. Omg I always thought it was like a tank top leotard with cut outs but it’s actually a nude illusion sleeve.
  11. If you were one of those ******* you could sell your second one for a huge profit. People want this one real bad.
  12. Just got my email that the order was shipped. Can’t actually track it but I’m guessing a shipping label was created.
  13. This is so annoying. If I don’t end up getting one of the 5000 originals I’ll be so upset. It’ll ruin the little collection I have going on. Shipping got pushed back twice and now it says has yet to ship. Wtf?!?
  14. Britney only likes “attractive” people. The good ones posted feature some of the hottest fans. i feel like the bad ones are either because she doesn’t think you look good or your energy freaks her out.
  15. Whattt?!? You were with untouchablebritney?!? Lol literally taking me back. I wonder how many fans remember that site. good luck
  16. I saw Brits movie premiere post before I went to bed. I thought wow she looks pretty and I guess this is for some low budget indie movie Sam is in. wake up and find out it’s for a Hollywood movie starring brad and leo. I can’t believe this was a full out premiere with press. She looks so happy so I believe this was in her own terms. i kind of like that she’s low key because I know this is what she wants. It’s just that it takes away that pop star illusion where everything is of the “highest” quality. She’s just a normal gal and it’s kind of refreshing.
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