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  1. naturalplayboy

    other Britney’s Asian Dancer

    What was the name of that female dancer from baby one more time Days? There was the blonde and the Asian girl? she does like p90x videos now I think. is that her in the 2nd pic?
  2. naturalplayboy

    Beyonce Sets Sights On A Solo Stadium Tour

    I miss her music before the beyonce album 4 was my favr
  3. I don’t think she’s on this tour
  4. Watching the videos on Instagram she looked like she was in good spirits. sometimes even if the choreography is bad or sloppy, the attitude can make all the difference. she was smiling and looked happy to be there. Yasss! Congrats and happy for everyone that attended this evening.
  5. YEAH I’m not so tall myself so when I took a picture with them and realized we were all the same height I was like omg I’m the perfect height to be Britney’s back up dancer.
  6. Lol I was shocked at their height as well. But it makes sense britney isn’t very tall
  7. A bunch of resale tickets are available
  8. naturalplayboy

    Plenty of Critical Positive Reviews of her tour

    It’s mikey, the one who just choreographed Britney’s instagram piece
  9. Thank you!! Cappycorn is so deluded. I’m glad you had a great time. like you Im going into my show knowing what I’m getting. she just needs to step that pu$$y up.
  10. naturalplayboy

    tour The peak of POMney

    I was able to see britney in August 2015 for mermaidney and June 2016 for revampney. The show as a whole I think revampney won. Hair and costume was on point and I liked her energy. I think she was getting excited for Glory.
  11. naturalplayboy

    Plenty of Critical Positive Reviews of her tour

    I actually miss these costumes now
  12. They put shadow from oht I’m deadddd. even back in 2004 when I was 13 and watched that live on showtime I was like omg what is going on.
  13. I can’t wait!!! And then she’ll do something cool for Instagram that we can enjoy for a day or two to prove the “haters” wrong. Then she’ll go hit the stage at her next date not doing the moves and fixing her hair.
  14. Someone like crappy is a child and needs these simple illustrations to prove a point. i get it, he’s a stan and can see no wrong with whatever Britney does, but he also has to realize fans are people too with real jobs and real lives. Whatever britney is selling is not QUALITY. just like any business or product, you need to get what you pay for. And shes not fulfilling her end of the bargain.