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  1. naturalplayboy

    other Is 2008-2009 the closest she’d had her prime body

    I think 2016
  2. naturalplayboy

    other Britney-Funko OUT

    Damn that was fast! Did you order it that morning of it’s release? I ordered mine that evening and mine should arrive by Thursday.
  3. No need to apologize. Any rational and reasonable person would ask the same questions. that’s why I don’t understand why people downvoted my comment. It’s an honest question and you worded it beautifully.
  4. Britney managed to have 4 years of success with minimal live singing. If she wanted respect by the Grammys and all the snooty people then Yes, I agree. But all she needs is to slay choreography like no ones business. Britney had star power that commanded the stage despite the lip syncing. So I think she would be fine if she just still had that passionate and drive. She’s always been a performer not so much a singer. So I think the respect would be there despite lip syncing.
  5. Don’t hang up. The sound is mature and moody. Some updates and I think it would fit with Glory tbh.
  6. I probably didn’t express myself clearly. I honestly don’t think there’s much wrong with her clothes. It’s basic mom clothes which is ok. I think I’m more confused with the stain on her jeans and the unkept hair. She just looks unclean. its so confusing when you see someone like Sam with her. I know it’s wrong to assume, but Sam takes care of himself.
  7. So many what ifs, but I generally think a breakdown would happen somewhere if she was constantly working. She needed a break badly. And a real break, not the Break she had with papz following her everywhere. But I go back to the Britney that spoke to People magazine when she was pregnant. I just have a hard time thinking the Britney we have now is the same Britney in 2005-2006. It’s like a completely different brain. First, she didn’t have Larry as a manger at that time. She sounded so smart and confident and knew what she was doing. Ideally, I think she would release something like blackout and it would do really well. After maybe 4 years off with side projects like fragrances and spending time with her family and kids. So around 2008-2009, would be the “blackout era” and it would be a new sound. It would coincide with 10 year anniversary. She would still be passionate and hungry for her career and would truly be a “perfectionist” she claims to be because of that long break. We’d see more music videos directed by Mona Lisa. And Britney in charge of her career. after that era, another movie and 2 or 3 more albums. But somewhere in 2018 we’d end up in Vegas for the 20th anniversary. She’s always spoke about Vegas early in her career so I think she’d still end up in Vegas somehow.
  8. I’m really trying to figure out what Sams deal is. He’s so clean cut and the fact that he’s ok with walking around with Britney dressed like that. I mean I get she’s britney freakin Spears but still. i generally don’t judge Britney’s looks when she’s on her own doing her thing with her kids. She can look like momney all she wants but it’s weird seeing her dressed like that with Sam.
  9. Just to clarify, I used to like oops but now I hate it because to Britney it’s just a song.
  10. Gimme More Make Me Slave 4 U Baby One More Time Womanizer Me Against The Music Work Bitch Hold it Against Me Oops! I did it again
  11. Is she still managed by Larry?