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  1. Whattt?!? You were with untouchablebritney?!? Lol literally taking me back. I wonder how many fans remember that site. good luck
  2. I saw Brits movie premiere post before I went to bed. I thought wow she looks pretty and I guess this is for some low budget indie movie Sam is in. wake up and find out it’s for a Hollywood movie starring brad and leo. I can’t believe this was a full out premiere with press. She looks so happy so I believe this was in her own terms. i kind of like that she’s low key because I know this is what she wants. It’s just that it takes away that pop star illusion where everything is of the “highest” quality. She’s just a normal gal and it’s kind of refreshing.
  3. It looks like the Instagram that posted it is selling them.
  4. I’m honestly tired. I think she is too. She should live her life and do what she wants. Because Britney the “pop star” just seems unauthentic after everything that’s come out. Only if she wants to do it and it’s all her. I used to get excited whenever she would post things on Instagram. Now I cringe. I honestly feel like whatever happened to Britney stunted her mental maturity. I feel like at this point in her career, she should’ve been that BOSS bitch that we see Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Gaga and Xtina are. They are in charge of their careers and their families. There’s a People magazine interview from 2006 where Britney knew exactly what she wanted to do and that was so refreshing. She was sure of herself and she was taking care of her family. I understand Britney’s situation is different and we should all be blamed. But I don’t know, I’m not sure her comeback will ever be the same. There’s something that’s missing. I don’t want all the fans to hate me, but we can definitely see that Britney is “off”
  5. Lol she writes just like britney. I guess that’s why they have her signing stuff for Britney at times.
  6. Lmaooo I love seeing Lynne play photographer
  7. I’m surprised this aired. But I guess her team was like you can look at it as she’s famous they need a background check rather than she’s in a conservatorship we need a background check.
  8. It was coming from fans! They were going crazy on twitter.
  9. A bunch of domination dancers are in the show. Also Lake Smits a piece of me dancer is in it
  10. This entire thing has just gotten so dark. I want her to be happy. This is so irritating. Greedy freaking people. How can she get the freedom and love she deserves?!?
  11. Omg I feel like a flop for not hearing this version. Kiss always makes me wana dance love thisss
  12. I thought it was the way I opened it, what does yours look like.
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