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  1. Seems Britney's team has released an official 2019 Calendar (due to release in September for the UK)

    Overall, great photo choices.


    Good mix of old & new/Vegas. 


    This Official Britney Spears calendar features a mixture of new and retro professional imagery of the Princess of Pop, alongside monthly panels to keep you organised in true Femme Fatale style.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, Scrappy said:

    Actually, this reeks of shameless self-promotion and a bit of a snub for your fellow fans. "Oh, you're feeling pain... WELL I AM NOT! Sorry you had a sh!t time (slyshade: maybe you're more ugly than me so she liked me more HA-HA!), BUT I HAD A BLAST! LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!"

    ... It's a bit childish and kinda rude.  We heard your story already. You don't need to brag at every opportunity.  Show some respect.

    Apologies, honestly if it came off that way. Wasn't my intention! I was hoping to lighten the sh!t mood 'round here lately. If you comb through some old posts I've made, I tend to lean on the sarcastic side (NYC humor) The tour started off well.

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  3. 45 minutes ago, Ringleader34 said:

    I asked if I could put my arm around her (for the picture) and she said yes.  I wasn’t going to just grab her...she’s not a Barbie Doll and I’m not a friend or family member.  

    Honestly, I don't think I asked her. She admired the necklace on my neck, had a whole back & forth with her about it and when i said "ok let's do this!" and like shuffled in for the photo, she laughed and wrapped her hand around my neck. It was literally 3 seconds of it but my brain was just screaming "Britney's hand is on my neck and my hand is on her back... what the f**k is going on?" and that was it. 

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  4. First, let me start with I'm sorry for the ones who have had some off experiences with Britney on tour. But I am trying to lighten the mood/spirit with some of the "good" times we've had with her on tour/meet & greets, etc. Feel free to post photos you've taken with her. Mine is below. I got to "touch her" and she touched me back (on my neck).... play along, kids -- all in good fun.



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  5. 1 minute ago, Scrappy said:

    I'm guessing you're a dude too and she can't resist because she's a known shameless flirt. Ratio of men vs. women up on that freakshow catwalk? 

    Picture on here is me with her, yeah. I'm a guy (and gay). I even asked Felicia in Vegas if there was any way I could get up there with her for FS but she said she decides before the shows in Vegas. IDK. Maybe it's an energy thing or she just feels certain comfort with certain people. It was my one & only time ever meeting her. 

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  6. I feel for anyone who has an off experience with her and the $$ put out. Maybe it's just the new environments, she's tired, too many packages sold, etc. I'll still never get over her stopping me after I hugged her, grabbing my necklace off my neck and having a whole conversation about it. My hand was on the small of her back and she had me by my neck in the photo. Maybe she just gets vibes from people?

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