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  1. A simple Google search would tell you she did not record a bridge for the track and he had to add one in. Also, it definitely sounds like a background singer vocal layer on the 2019 edit. It's not her main vocal track. “With Britney, I still have to work with her," he told Official Charts. We started with the main part [of the song] but I’ve added a bridge to it, so as soon as she’s free we have to finish that. "She’s difficult to get in contact with! One thing I noticed is that the singers themselves are so involved these days. One of the problems with working with Britney is that now she’s so busy - for example she's in Vegas - and she has contracts that say she can’t do certain things. She cannot do a video because of I don’t know exactly what. It’s different from the way I used to work." Asked how the collaboration came about, he explained: “I spoke to her on the phone. She called me and told me she wanted to do the song – it was her idea and she wanted to do it together in the studio, but unfortunately I was in Europe. "I heard the track and I only changed a little bit – she did a good job with it actually. I hope she finds the time to do the little bridge – it’s just eight bars. I’m going to meet her soon and tell her!"https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/britney-spears-did-a-good-job-with-collaboration-giorgio-moroder-reveals__7868/
  2. Thank you. I just bumped it because of the new remix coming. Yikes.
  3. I've asked Luin to remix this track because it's never been remixed like it should have been. He says it'll be out soon.
  4. This is what I'd like ITZ vinyl to be... Blue, translucent splatter vinyl. I hope they get it right if/when they release.
  5. I know it won't happen, but a GATEFOLD design of this picture for the vinyl packaging would be absolutely stunning...
  6. She looked stunning but the whole "stunning sexy visuals with no real plot" thing didn't work in this case.
  7. For some reason when I ordered mine i had a $5 off offer. $27 to ship and deliver to NYC
  8. The Pride Fantasy was just the outside box changing to rainbow/benefiting GLAAD. It was the same scent.
  9. I got lucky in 2017. Her makeup was softer, and she was very affectionate to our entire group.
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