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  1. I thought Slumber Party would've been a bigger hit. It had an amazing video and the song was perfect for radio.
  2. lol why would anyone believe the guy? he just wants another 15 minutes of fame. he knows nothing.
  3. UGH this is always a delicate topic for me. My parents moved from our old house while I was out of state and left boxes of my Britney collection behind. All the magazines from the 90s through 2009, Pepsi cutouts, posters, etc. This happened 10 years ago and I am still not over it. I have started rebuilding my collection. I absolutely love having Stages, Onyx Hotel tour book, Singles collection and a Britney watch I won during her 'Got Milk?' campaign in 2000.
  4. I love Joseph. He's such a stan. When Britney is back to work -- I hope he directs her return video.
  5. I'm glad this is getting tons of attention. We need our girl to be free.
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