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  1. That's 100% on your friend's equipment, me thinks :p Britney's vinyl pressings sound fantastic on my set-up; definitely an improvement over any digital/cd content. Esp. the Max Martin tracks are very dynamic on vinyl. I do think the clear pressings are better for Brit (as opposed to the original colored pressings), since they have less surface noise. I also see quite some misinformation in this thread about the quality of music on vinyl. Whether or not music will sound better on vinyl depends on several variables: on how it is pressed and mastered (for vinyl) AND someone's actual player and speakers. Vinyl is a true uncompressed and lossless format (music released on CD is not; it's still compressed to fit on the disc and/or sold digitally)--i.e. even your lossless cd (rips) will have frequencies cut off, on a record these can still be present. If music is created digitally it does not mean it will sound the same (or better/worse) on vinyl; if the uncompressed data is pressed to vinyl and it's done well; it has all the potential to have far more audible frequencies/dynamics than it's digital or cd counterpart. Madonna's Madame X record is a good recent example; the vinyl master has significantly more detail than the cd (and heavier on the bass as well). Vinyl is of course more prone to scratches etc, which can affect how your music sounds. Someone's comment earlier about pop music on vinyl having less bass response doesn't make much sense to me. If anything, most pop music pressed on vinyl in recent years (incl. B's UO pressings) are heavier on bass than the cd/digital masters. BUT, again this depends on your speakers and player. If you have a cheap suitcase vinyl player / crossley, with a cheap stylus and mediocre speakers, then vinyl won't really shine like it would on a slightly more expensive set up. It's like printing a 4K picture on a 1995 printer, as it were. If you're interested in collecting vinyl and how various pressings sound, use discogs.com. As you can see there, most of Britney's vinyl releases are commended for how good they sound. Nevertheless, UO is a bit hit or miss when it comes to their vinyl releases generally speaking.
  2. I've always loved the bonus remix with the guitar and her clearing her throat at the beginning.
  3. She used the pre recorded WB vocals during at start of Vegas, along with quite a few more pre recorded vocals (there was a thread about this a few weeks ago). However, she just stopped using them. I think Britney doesn't like it; either performing to them or the sound of them--also going by the dubbing of FFT. There's no logical explanation for not using them on stage.
  4. It's like when you're dog sitting an older dog and a young puppy, and the Miley puppy keeps trying to sniff the Britney St. Bernard's butthole, who isn't really featuring that energy.
  5. Madonna is extremely dedicated to her craft and believes fully in everything she does, Britney sadly doesn't seem to care much. So at 54, well.. eh. But who knows, maybe Brit will have some sort of new lease on life at 40 and start recording country albums that she'll perform live and shimmy along to. I sort of see that as the best case scenario at this point <3
  6. She has that. She had a feed that gives an automated audible cue when she's supposed to "sing" as well as when her mic is open/up. Pretty much all artists have that (sometimes along with a click track). I wouldn't be surprised if Britney's also has certain choreography queues (Madonna had that here and there for Rebel Heart Tour).
  7. So? Britney was running around with no underwear on and Madonna called her on it. Sometimes shade is warranted.
  8. Uhm, as for all the Madonna comparisons.. Madonna consciously changed her singing voice after all those voice lessons she took for Evita because her previous singing voice would fry her vocal chords in the longterm. I don't think Britney is motivated to attempt something like that, unless she's planning to release an album/tour of country covers.
  9. Britney wasn't willing to give her a moment on the lips, so this fan chose to be immortalized forever on Brit's hips.
  10. That's a lovely picture! Sorry the experience wasn't as great, but I bet posting some ***** will make you feel better
  11. Yes, but perhaps more importantly in addition to this, Britney's reputation and popularity in Europe isn't what it used to be . She really isn't part of public consciousness as much as she still is in the US (no Vegas residency here, very little charts success, etc). If her M&Gs were 2500+ here, she'd be lucky to sell a handful. Most European economies and quality of life aren't inferior to the US at all, it's just there's far less incentive to spend that kind of money on Britney.
  12. The North American leg looked good yes, but the watered down version without the catwalk she brought to Europe wasn't great. Still more props than this POM tour tho.
  13. Those are the biggest breasts I've ever seen Bianca wear.
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