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  1. Blackout: The entire album hits to me, but I feel like Get Naked, Ooh Ooh Baby, & Get Back don't get a ton of love Circus: Mannequin & Unusual You
  2. She looks fantastic here, first of all. Second, this makes me believe they are definitely intentionally giving her a bad edit as of late or someone is just getting lazy and needs to be fired.
  3. IG and copyright is kind of weird. Sometimes I can get by posting a song but only if it's like 15 secs or so. Britney's videos are always way longer than that, but again all Cassie would need to do is drop the audio on what Britney sends and add in a copyright approved track or since she's Britney effing Spears, just get the permission to use the song. I don't know if approved accounts on IG get special privileges in regards to copyright usage but that shouldn't stop them from giving Britney a proper edit. Someone posted a video of Shakira doing some random dancing around a room the other day but no one saw it as weird because the editing was good. I'm at the point now where I would just volunteer my services to Team Brit to edit her videos so people can leave her alone about them
  4. I wouldn't read the comments on the Dailymail. Those are another type of c word... cancer.
  5. I think what would help people not feel so weird about the dancing videos is just better editing. Even something as simple as dropping the audio and putting one solid track over her videos would help a ton. The dancing I never thought too much of as I just took it as more interpretive than Britney trying to show off or anything. The editing and knowing a "professional" social media manager is okaying or likely even editing this herself is what makes it so weird imo. Her job should be to help present Britney in her best light and Cassie is failing. There have been a few videos where Britney is dancing well but again, the shyt editing just makes them look crazy.
  6. I'm late to this thread, but I appreciate you answering all of these questions! Really informed responses that explained a lot.
  7. Idk about not being interesting enough or having the x-factor but I can agree with choosing poor songs to release and coming across as arrogant/too confident which someone else mentioned most people don't like.
  8. Both very good points! Especially the confident one. Particularly since she's a minority. As sad as it is, people really don't like seeing an ultra confident woman. I respect she didn't play that game but sucks it came at the expense of career success.
  9. I just rewatched the 2016 performance and had forgotten how good it really was! I don't know that she got enough credit for it. G-Eazy left a lot to be desired but Britney definitely delivered.
  10. It was hard picking between 2000 and 2001 but I went 2000 because I remember my mind being so blown by it at the time.
  11. Plot twist: the fans put Jamie in a conservatorship, free Britney, and maintain control of Jamie for the rest of his life... out of love for Britney, of course.
  12. She has to be exhausted from being asked these stupid questions.
  13. This right here. If Larry wasn't a part of all of this or really felt Britney should be free, all he would need to do is release a statement and blow the whole thing up. There are a handful of people that could come forward, tell the truth about what's going on, and actually make an impact in ending this. He's one of them. Larry is being complicit which is why he's trash.
  14. Lol yeah I could totally see this. Lynne seems very religious whereas Britney is more spiritual. Britney just seems very misunderstood in her family. What happens a lot of the times when people don't understand something is they fear it and try to make it fit into the confines of what's normal for them. Britney being quirky, artsy and a bit of a free spirit probably never sat well with the rest of her straight laced family.
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