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  1. how do we access this in the US? I checked for 60 Minutes and ours is about stupid effing COVID vaccines...? I want to hear about Britney.. not vaccinations... GET YOUR **** TOGETHER AMERICA. FFS.
  2. doesn’t she do that every time she releases something new??? she completely ****s on whatever album she released last.. “this one is more my vibe. this one is more authentic.” ..like the BANGERZ era and utilizing hip hop and black culture to excel and then turning around and dissing it entirely when it was all said and done- she’s done that about cannabis too... and being a “lesbian” for the short amount of time she was experimenting with women and then telling her fans on Twitter “you don’t have to be gay, ladies. there are good men out there!!!” as if it’s a choice??? I stopped listening to her after BANGERZ bc I felt like she is just an opportunist and I can’t vibe with that. *loved* her up until that point.. I was even on MileyWorld when it existed. saw her in concert.. the whole nine yards! I feel like she posted the pic ab Britney bc she is releasing this album and needs to remain relevant to promote herself/her new projects.. kinda like JT apologizing bc he’s in the process of filming some movie and doesn’t want it to flop (which.. let’s be real.. what movie with JT in it has ever really done much at all? lolol) ....these are just my thoughts though. :shrug: take them with a grain of salt if you’re a Smiler. pls don’t come for me. 🤣🤣 I once loved her too! just noticed things....
  3. didn’t Lou resign a little while ago? like completely unannounced? bc she was scared **** was heating up and she might catch some of that heat personally.. so rn it’s just our ****ed up judicial system/greedy *** mfs like Jamie and the lawyers/the state of California is profiting of of her too bc of the endless ******* court fees. everyone is making money off of Britney.. but, I’m fairly certain Lou no longer is.. we still hate her though.
  4. can we talk ab how she wore white to manipulate the general public of their innocence and that SHE SMILED THE ENTIRE TIME THAT SHE LIED THROUGH HER TEETH!!!!?!!!!? 🤢🤢🤢 I wasn’t ready for this over my morning coffee.. I feel sick.
  5. she did this a while back and hated it immediately.. she was complaining two days later ab how she should have never colored her hair and how would she ever get it out? lolol. Hilary Duff called the cops on her neighbors for smoking pot and she lives in LA where they have dispensaries and cannabis has long been decriminalized. I personally think she sort of sucks and does things to look cool or stay relevant somehow.. I used to love her. Lizzie McGuire til I die. for sure. I stan Lizzie. but Hilary... not so much. also, she is such a ***** to her hubby. it is unfortunate to watch. had to unfollow her on IG bc I got tired of hearing her verbally abuse him.. hah. hopefully no one hates me for being honest. 🥲
  6. WAKE UP SAN FRANCISCO #FREEBRITNEY we love Danny Tanner 🤗✨💓
  7. tysm for sharing this! I got to catch the entire episode bc of this post!!!!
  8. she’s been posting so many silly videos lately and I just love it. it’s so good to see her being silly Britney again! I feel like she’s seeing the light at the end of the conservatorship tunnel and it’s lightening the mood. I really think I like Sam now too.. I wasn’t so sure at first but I feel like he’s earned my approval now.
  9. ACCUSATIONS?!!!!’ facts is facts, henny. you said what you said now own up to it! accountability isn’t cancel culture! say it louder now for the ppl in the back .. Justin is clenching his *** cheeks just like Jamie Spears! living for it!
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