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  1. They also scrapped the original concept of Perfume too, so it won't be the first time, when they used only some parts of the footage, making a weaker story in the end ...
  2. Maybe, her team told him that it was Britney's decision. They tend to throw her under the bus whenever they can. Plus team Con also didn't approve the original photo concept for Glory, they used screenshots instead... So it wouldn't surprise me if they did the same with her video.
  3. Well, Britney does not have custody of herself right now, so she cannot have custody of her children... if she gives birth, they may just take her child away from her, in the eyes of the law she is greatly incapacitated. Therefore, technically speaking, they can pull the same sh-- twice
  4. Moreover, at the very beginning, she even helped team Con to make this scam happen. So, yeah, I don't know how to feel about Lynne, tbh... I want to believe that her intentions are good now, but I cannot...
  5. This is what worries me the most... Sam was from the very beginning of this fraud and played an important role at putting her under Cship, so first of all I think he wants to save his ***... And Jodi was chosen by James... and the first thing she did as Britney's conservator, she filed legal papers to extend the control of the conservatorship to states outside California( https://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00141314.html )... So I don't know if they even have Brit's best interests at their hearts . Therefore, I have only hope for documentaries(Netflix, NYT part2) that they will reveal and show all the injustice that Britney faced...
  6. My acquaintance at work, who took antipsychotics for 2 years, said it was a miracle that Britney was able to perform at all and that this was most likely thanks to her initial excellent coordination and strength.
  7. Tbh, I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole concert, because you can see in her eyes that she just was not there... instead of giving her a break, team Con overly pumped her up with medication and pushed her onto the stage. It's sickening(
  8. I would not go that far... of course, I want Britney to shine brighter than others, as before Cship... she set the bar so high... But I think sometimes we are, actually, too strict. I recently watched the concerts of some other artists. And, well, they were no better, tbh... I even rewound some of the performances, because it was boring for me.
  9. I don't know if it's true, but I will not be surprised if it was James or/and LMT who rejected the final video, cuz, besides hidden messages, there were a lot of religious themes being used as well... And I get the vibe that these two are beyond religious, similar to some kind of a sect. So the video could trigger/offend them greatly.
  10. 6. Britney's court-appointed lawyer, Sam, who hasn't done anything to represent her for over 10 years and who diagnosed her after a 15 minute meeting that Britney "lacked the capacity" to hire her own lawyer. And Reva Goetz, based on only Sam's words (there was no official diagnosis yet), kicked Streisand out from the court. 7. Dr James E Spar, who wrote this medical mysterious report that no one has ever seen. Two doctors before him didn't want to give the medical report to back up Sam Ingham's claims.
  11. Sadly, we don't know... But like many assumed it was probably the last straw for her, considering everything that began to happen after, so there is a high probability that they did it against her wishes.
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