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  1. Oh my god, we the same Sorry Adam is one of my all time favourite songs. I remember hearing it from here for the first time and falling in love. Britney’s vocals would have been perfection for this song, I wish that she had recorded her own version! I can see a MV, performance, everything. Circus’ pre chorus is my favourite part as well, I was properly deflated when I found out it wasn’t her. I too thought the song was just different layers of her voice stacked up against each other. It’s still an amazing song, obviously! Also love the username
  2. I have nothing, nothing, NOTHINGG Your reply was close to perfect if not actually perfect... so much so that I don’t think I even have qualms with background vocals anymore. The point with Early Mornin, Toxic & HATLM was excellent, I love all of those songs whilst being fully aware that there’s distinct vocals by another person on there! I guess I’m not giving the general public nor am I giving Britney enough credit, she’s legendary and even the public will be able to decipher faux records as being legitimate or not. Everybody knows that voice... Funnily enough my friend who thought Zombie was Britney’s song was able to see it wasn’t her the moment I put that bug in his brain. Like I said in the original topic I was just worried about listeners; say radio listeners, heard a Myah track which was under Britney’s name and weren’t really paying attention - they’d think it was her & once clarified that it wasn’t they’d begin to think she needs help in the singing department when really it’s just her team overstepping their bounds. Again, I very much appreciate such an articulate reply
  3. I’m glad it ain’t just me I really do think they might continue with those type of releases, obviously they’ll not be able to produce a fresh album without major speculation but it’s still a huge concern with regards to singles... My mother has lived through my Britney obsession with me but she only really catches on to her singles / music videos and when she heard SITS her first response was “Is that even her” which is a legit response because she’s buried in production but I hate the idea of that being a possibility as common knowledge to the GP
  4. My friend text me a couple evenings ago now with the following: ”Have you heard Britney Spears - Zombie before? It’s quite good.” I am certain y’all will have heard the recording in question below: And what’s scary is, clearly we can differentiate between this persons voice and Britney’s but for somebody who doesn’t really pay much attention to Britney - she can easily be replicated. Like if they really wanted to they could polish off all sorts of recordings with an imposter and the GP wouldn’t be the wiser... after all not many were in the know and still aren’t when it comes to Britney Jean. I’ll admit even sometimes I’m fooled, I didn’t notice Britney Jean was filled in until I read stuff you guys n gals were posting. I thought Passenger’s famous note at 01:54 was Brit hitting it outta the park I also believed this was her for YEARS: So to boil it down - Azaelia Banks style, what this post is meant to be is just me venting my frustrations and fear that we will begin to get full on fabricated “Britney Spears” records before we see the end of this conservatorship. SITS was such a serve and thanks to the stems we can rest assured that she was present, although imo many blanks were filled in and I just don’t like the idea of the GP catching wind of that and thinking she needs the help when really she doesn’t want to work at the moment. What are y’all thoughts?
  5. No disrespect - I can tell you are passionate about veganism and I commend you! I’m vegan too But for cats it’s almost impossible to be vegan - they can die in a matter of hours without a complete Vitamin A - their bodies can’t manufacture it which means they can’t get it from beta carotene (where we get most of ours, in vegetables) and change it to vitamin A like us, it has to come from the source which is mostly found in meat. https://vethelpdirect.com/vetblog/2020/01/06/im-a-vegan-what-pet-can-i-get/ As for dogs - they stand a better chance of living on plant based diets except they must be supplemented taurine, they’ll never be able to get enough from plants and they also are at risk of severe digestive disease because of the amount of fibre in plants - their intestines are too short to handle that amount of roughage. Theirs are short because what is meant to travel through must pass at speed to avoid disease from meat - ours are long so that we may absorb as much nutrition as possible, another reason we can get sick on a mostly meat diet because it lingers in our system. Basically, it’s cruel either way - you can deny them meat which they definitely prefer and you are thereby saving other animals in slaughterhouses or you can give them what they’re craving which is the meat from a tortured animal - the only consolation is that they actually thrive off it - humans don’t.
  6. Yes! No disrespect to him but I think WHEN he was a stan - he’s grown a lot as person since, but during the stan situation I think because of what he went through after his video he would feel too entitled / above other fans and wouldn’t want to interact with them. Probably just popped in and out of BH as a guest - it’s all speculation anyways he may have loved interacting with other fans! Idk
  7. Omg no, maybe that is indeed because you’ve grown up with it - I’m like that with the English language more specifically my regions accent. I hate it I also think the ancient sounding languages are more beautiful anyhow, more refined or something - I’d trade ya in a heartbeat
  8. Oops’ was an immaculate era, the only time an era has even approached it is Circus imo. *In Kanye’s voice* The Oops album was & is the greatest album of all time!
  9. That is a very interesting point - you are right, it mustn’t be good for her to relive past trauma constantly. Its definitely time to move on. I do think she needs to find closure with this docu series and her OD though! If she continues with more documentaries after that I think I might share the same opinion lol. ALSO. YES, I adore Demi & Confident - Without the Love and In Case are some of my favourite songs from Demi, I think she found her niche / her sound with that album. It felt very authentic!
  10. I can totally respect your stance on that one! Like I have said previously, it would definitely benefit her to move forward with her music / career - it’s frustrating, I imagine, for many fans to see her backtrack when she could be going in on the charts with songs like Sorry Not Sorry yet chooses to release Still Have Me If it wasn’t for her OD, I would possibly share the same view around her lingering on mental health stuff! Hopefully this docu series is closure for her! It will be on all streaming platforms from including YouTube from 23rd March
  11. It’s such a beautiful language, sometimes it gives a pop track such an edge when it’s sung in something other than English
  12. THIS. it is not just about nutrition - it’s also about the dogs happiness and there is NO way a dog would thank you for a bowl of plants when it could be eating what it’s body is designed to ingest. The dog needs to feel fulfilled / satisfied as well as being nourished. Yeah, it might live longer according to these studies but it’ll be miserable.
  13. I’m not sure whether or not any of these are official! But I quite like the one with Robyn and the Scream & Shout remix Don’t quote me on this but I believe there’s a Gimme More remix with Lil Kim and then another one with Lil Wayne and they MAY be official at least on the features side, definitely not Britney’s though.
  14. Does anyone know where this one is from? It’s always made me laugh and I was wondering was it as funny in context??
  15. Excellent work! I thoroughly enjoyed that - you picked the perfect clips for Britney, definitely fitted the beat and the vibe. I love Matches, it was such a pleasant surprise; it’s nice to have some visuals to go with it. If Britney was working, I imagined her dancing freestyle with BSB against the LED backdrop from the Piece of Me MV.. Similar to how she looks in the Scream & Shout remix
  16. I second this, that was my first listen and I couldn’t tell if it was a nice shout out or a diss haha too quick for me Nicki’s verse was perfection though!
  17. I think this has to be the most flawless instance where she name drops herself, that verse is lightening in a bottle! EDIT : this was meant to be Toy Soldier not Get Back lol EDIT : Apart from GM obviously
  18. I am feeling it & she is beautiful Jasno mi je & Djavoli are taking me places!
  19. Yeah, no they’re definitely carnivores - the teeth comparisons always sell it for me! Get that doggo a turkey burger, stat
  20. If they actually can thrive on a vegan diet that’s awesome! And you make a really fair point about the garbage you can feed your companion even if it is suited to their dietary needs like processed meats and such... Far better it gets decent plant based food than roadkill or their own species, that definitely can’t be good for them - obviously the best kind of food would be high quality meat though, even if dogs are omnivorous they will always have short intestines which dispose of meat more efficiently than plant matter!
  21. Easy... ”Be weary of others, the ones closest to you - the poison they feed you and the voodoo that they do.” EDIT: I was too pleased with myself to check but @monkeystar88 beat me to it
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