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  1. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1278398742301698 Here's the video. I think the "How Dare You?" is part of whatever bit Ellen is doing on stage at the time, based on the audience laughing at the end. Britney's "I'm scared" is super strange though.
  2. So excited that Wesley Morris is involved with this! He has an incredible pop culture podcast with Jenna Wortham called "Still Processing." I highly recommend listening and I hope they speak on Free Britney one day as well. I trust him completely.
  3. What did it used to be? I don't see the change lol
  4. Even Beyonce lip synced at the Obama Inauguration. I think the stakes are so high at an event like this, there is no choice, what if they were to get sick for example?! So no judgement, but I definitely think both JLo and Gaga lipped. It doesn't matter, it's still their voices and their impact performing at such a historic event.
  5. I also danced for many, many years and definitely dance like Britney in front of the mirror, especially when I'm drunk. I'd definitely be too embarrassed to post them anywhere, but I always wonder if Britney thinks they're being edited. I definitely doubt that she wants them presented in the way they are currently though
  6. I used to follow Britney so closely in 2007 as a teenager, sort of like watching a car accident. I felt awful for her but couldn't tear myself away. In hindsight I was definitely a huge part of the problem and helped fund the horrible tabloids and paparazzi. Anyway, I was so relieved of course when it seemed like Britney was out of the woods and "saved" by her family (this was before people realized how cruel the conservatorship was), but I felt like I had to fill some sort of hole with worrying about a celebrity, and LiLo's drama definitely filled it. It's so funny now looking back that I used to conflate LiLo's relationship with Sam Ronson and her not being straight with how "bad" she was or with her drug use. I used to think that if I could just be friends with Lindsay I could save her from all the bad influences including her gayness. Now of course I realize I'm queer myself and that I actually just had a huge crush on Lindsay. I also wonder sometimes about her career... It's basically completely dead, I cannot imaging Lindsay ever making a significant impact acting again. But at the time, people saw her fall the same as Britney's, she was considered such a promising actress, destined to win many Oscars; she really was the equivalent of Britney in the acting space. If Lou et al had succeeded in putting her under a conservatorship, do y'all think she would have made a comeback in her acting career the way Britney did on the Circus and FF tours? And if so, looking at Britney, at what cost. Would Britney be happier now fading into relative obscurity like LiLo? LiLo did always seem to thrive off of attention more than Britney... Anyway, just some disjointed thoughts.
  7. Ok now I feel even older seeing you’re actually 15 years old now 😂 enjoy your youth and innocence hahaha
  8. When you have a positive IgG antibody test, absolutely! Some places will even pay you for convalescent plasma (CP)! The efficacy of CP is still debated (see all the drama after Trump gave it emergency authorization), but most institutions have it on hold since it can be the only thing that helps some critically ill patients.
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