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  1. Isn't this spot the same place she was spotted before? Looks familiar. I zoomed in to see them and thought it was bad photoshop cause it looks like Sam has two smaller arms sticking out but then realized someone is in front of them lol.
  2. https://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=324735&title=BIG-CHANGES-AT-RCA%3A-EDGE-UPS-PITTS-TO-PREZ%2C-FLECK-TO-COO%3B-RICCITELLI-TO-EXIT Just came across this article dated January 15th. It says big changes at RCA. It looks as if they are shaking things up. Joe Riccitelli who Britney has worked with since the beginning of her career is leaving, but does not say why. It looks as if they are trying to energize things. I hope it wakes up RCA to properly promote their artists and when Britney is ready for her next peak, they will give her all of their support.
  3. I liked her attitude in this video, even though it is not one of my favorite song or video of hers. It wasn't released as a single here in the States, just a video only single. My Prerogative only was played in the very beginning of its release and then it fizzled quick. I think the label didn't want to spend too much on radio promotion thinking just that it was a greatest hits album and would sell anyway because of the hit songs tracklist. You can see she had that fire in her eyes, because she was in control of pushing this song to get released, but also that she got to co-direct. She def pops in this video
  4. Good song, but not a favorite. When I was young and played the Circus album, I always lowered the volume when this song came on, because it is a little dirty
  5. She definitely could have another peak. Not as huge of a peak as the 2000s, but she also hit big peaks with Vegas and Work *****, still being known today and possibly a good candidate to add to her signature songs list, if it's not already there (I consider it to be). She does need a big dance pop hit to tell people she is back and not playing games. Like others have said, she should open up to a degree to express her feelings about her personal life, but once that is all cleared, then she could release a different sounding song than usual (maybe 3rd or 4th single) and really work on it to become a hit and have people realize she can do more than just dance pop. She needs to be visible again like talks shows, red carpets, award shows even if just as a presenter. She is in the public eye for her personal life, and when she is ready, it is time for her to be in the public eye for music again. I want that excitement from back in the day, like can't wait to get home to catch her on a talk show, or having jitters the day of an award show because she is going to be performing.
  6. I can't believe she won 4 and wasn't able to be there to pick them up! I would've love seeing her get up to collect each award and people see her slay the other nominees. And I am in flop fan territory not knowing this
  7. I loved that she performed this at so many different places and tv appearances even though it flopped here in the US. For it not to even make the Billboad pop chart was pretty bad considering she was the hottest thing around and was winding down a huge era. I forgot she performed it at the Crazy 2k tour on the magic carpet thing. She sounded good singing this live, but when I watch back performances I see that she is so constricted and tight in her throat and jaw that she sounds strained in parts at some performances. I would love to hear how this would sound if she used her full voice and opened up and not be constricted.
  8. How about the first known song to be sung under water? I'll add This Kiss to the list.
  9. I think she definitely needed that break after 2004 as she was tired of the constant media attention. Remember articles like this covering her letter: https://ew.com/article/2004/10/18/britney-im-taking-break/?amp=true Also, she fell in love with Kevin, so she wanted to just be with him and not start new work commitments. Now The Original Doll sessions I think she did on her own timetable, just her working when she wanted and not a forced album recording schedule from the label. No label pressure probably freed Britney immensely. I don't think she would've had a whole movie career, but maybe a film here and there if she was serious about it. Her acting was fine in Crossroads, but she is definitely great at comedy.
  10. Wow that is really taking this issue next level. So many blogs, podcasts, Youtube videos, articles, freeBritney rallies, and word of mouth conversations have brought worldwide attention. I hope this New York Times documentary creates a momentum of recognition from more hard hitting news outlets to take this as a serious issue needing extensive scrutiny from news media and not just entertainment news media and gossip columns.
  11. Two different time periods and genres and both have legendary careers, but I am going to go with Rollingstone's verdict and say Britney as the best debut single of all time. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/greatest-debut-songs-singles-990470/britney-spears-baby-one-more-time-2-990475/ "One of those pop manifestos that announces a new sound, a new era, a new century. But most of all, a new star. Planet Earth, meet Britney Jean Spears, the 17-year-old pride of Kentwood, Louisiana. “…Baby One More Time” is an apocalyptic thunder-clap of a song, with Max Martin’s mega-boom production: The only detail he screwed up was the incredibly annoying ellipsis in the title. As Britney told Rolling Stone in 2000, she stayed up late the night before listening to Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” (“What a **** song”) to get the growl she wanted. “I wanted my voice to be kind of rusty.” In the great tradition of debut singles, it was a divisive statement that drew a line between past and future. “So much attitude in that song,” Spears said. “I was so happy because there’s a lot of good songs out there, but it’s rare when you can take a song and really put your name all over it and put your personality into it.” With “…Baby One More Time,” this girl changed the sound of pop forever: It’s Britney, *****. Nothing was ever the same. R.S."
  12. Props to Mariah even if the bulk of her streams are from Christmas. A stream is a stream and if people seek it out, it's because there is an interest in the song. That is what artists want is for people to seek out their music, even if it is a Christmas song. I don't really follow Dua Lipa and don't know her songs, besides Don't Start Now, so someone correct me if I am missing something. I think the reason that Dua Lipa isn't bigger is because she hasn't created any cultural moments. Britney's songs are known by just about everyone. And people know Britney, because of her contributions to pop culture and the musical landscape. Britney gave us her schoolgirl outfit, her red latex catsuit, her VMA performances, especially Slave and the snake, the Madonna kiss, her return to music with Circus. She is known for not just her music, but her epic performances. She gets people to talk about her. She stays in the public consciousness. As an average casual listener to Dua Lipa if she happens to play on the radio, I know nothing about her or find any interest in wanting to know about her (nothing against her though). With Britney she has that charisma and charm that pulls people's interest in.
  13. Yea I get you. But I think eventually Blackout won. It is recognized as an influential album with many considering it her magnum opus and through the fan campaign for it to go platinum years later was a testament of its quality of work and fan dedication and appreciation.
  14. Fellow Britney fan from Philly, too and was mad Blackout was denied the number 1, but could you imagine if it was the other way around? Like if Britney only partnered with one seller and still managed to outsell the number 2 album by hundreds of thousands of copies decades into her career and was denied the number 1, I'd be livid. That rule change, though ill timed, was needed. We benefit from it today on a smaller scale that Britney's albums have the chance to chart on Billboard even if it's an exclusive album release from Urban Outfitters.
  15. I loved that this song was the first time since Slave that I heard Britney back on the radio again in high rotation. MATM kind of fizzled out on my station and Toxic became the hit she needed since the Oops era. Slave 4 U was so in the public consciousness cause of the VMA performance, but I think it only got to number 15 on the Billboard Pop chart. Toxic is iconic and deserves every good recognition it gets.
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