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  1. Billy offers no proof of anything. I, on the other hand, just hung out with Britney. We onlined shopped for vanilla candles, then binge watched *** and the City episodes while eating cheetos. I then said to her what does she know about Exhale. She said Exhale is cool because they're faded.
  2. I think what you're saying is a real possibilty. Also I think there was an album almost done and Brit liked what she did, but the label wasn't feeling it. Could you imagine the album leaks and we are like wow all this time it sucks. Would be such a letdown
  3. POMney was all over the place with either great dancing and charisma versus the lazy dancing and out of sync with the other dancers to hair tics. But performances like what you posted bring Primeney vibes undeniably
  4. Idk if I would have picked Anticipating when other jams are on the album like Cinderella. I Run Away and Before the Goodbye are superior but they aren't on the tracklist. But I'm all for the Britney album getting some love lately.
  5. I voted for the Mariah collab because they are fans of each other and would sound great together even as the other is singing background during the other's verse. I can't decide if I'd like a ballad or a midtempo pop song. Whatever they would release it would be a major pop culture moment.
  6. My mind went to a dirty place reading that. If you replace Mariah with a guy's name your sentence sounds like it has a different meaning.
  7. I think if Glory had 4 or 5 singles, this could have been thrown out there as the last single. It's weird and different and has catchy lyrics. When I first heard this I was like what is this. But it sucked me in and its a favorite off the album.
  8. Great video but the body double drama always pops into my mind. The Slave elements definitely had to be incorporated on purpose and I like they did that because this is like another take on the addicted to the music theme. Also the red outfit at the end makes me think it is like an updated style to the red catsuit.
  9. With all the lies Team Con puts out there, they really could make a bunch of money legitimitely writing fiction stories. No need for them to milk Brit's money, just publish the story ideas that pop in their head. They're like this era's Shakespeare.
  10. To think this happened back then and it was a celebrity who didn't run to the media saying Britney contacted her. Another celeb would have used that as clout like oh Britney turned to me in her time of crisis. Sharon going to the media would have brought more negative attention because it would fuel the narrative Britney is out of control, instead of a media reaction being wow maybe Britney really needs help, let's look into this.
  11. I had this album on repeat forever. Great songs to play in the car and bop along to. Gasoline is a fave from the album and even though the meaning is so far removed from actual gasoline, I would always play it on my way to get gas
  12. I remember being so psyched that Brit was back on tv doing different promo performances. Then seeing her mess up the dance routine a couple times, I was like the Brit I know does not forget steps. She always made dancing look so flawless as though her body naturally moved like that with ease. She seemed distracted as though her interests were elsewhere. I was concerned at the time and thought she should have waited another year to come back with an album even though it had been a little over 2 years since Circus was released. But then she improved and came alive again as the era went on and the tour started, plus she was getting hit after hit that I figured she was out of whatever funk she was in. Little did we know of the actual full story.
  13. In the Zoneney always bringing the fire. I don't think I saw this before. Thanks for posting!
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