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  1. Of course they are, in the documentary fe even says that lynne is so proud of her baby and helped fe put together the achievements and posters on the wall in her Louisana home.
  2. Kim making it about herself? What’s new. If you had “empathy” for Britney you wouldn’t have to swing it back on you again. Jesus Christ is that all these kardashians do?
  3. No wonder why poor Britney acts the way she does now. I haven’t listened yet but I will later, from reading the comments it seems like her personality has been stripped since then. It’s awful. Hopefully one day we get an Oprah Tell All interview from the 13 years.
  4. I think it was rude she didn’t even address fans about the era. It feels like she’s just left us in the dark. Lack of communication. Not sure what’s going on with her as she’s now filming a movie and completely paid dust to the era
  5. Let’s be honest. She doesn’t seem passionate about it. We never knew the story behind or an in-depth story behind chromatica or an explanation of each song from the album. It would take 5 minutes to record a video to explain. Everything could’ve been done visually online. Tons of artists have made there visions, performances, videos during covid. In my opinion I think she isn’t invested in this kind of music anymore. The only reasons I say this as 10 years ago regardless of covid or not I think personally gaga would’ve made the era happen.
  6. The album with zero promo and 1 performance. This era was poor to be honest. She could’ve done a whole album performance live in a studio for the fans. She chose not to. I think she’s not as passionate as she once was. Loads of artists were doing tons of promo.
  7. I wonder if this lawyer has read the comments from the GMA interview? To me she’s coming across more empathetic and soft in this one. Sorry I’m not buying it and in MY opinion I think she’s adapted to sound less scripted and less robotic. Ugh I can’t stand these people.
  8. I don’t even think it’s that.in in my opinion I think she’s just lost the passion after the c-ship so she just puts less effort in. I mean I don’t blame her.
  9. ummm, well are you surprised? he's saying he's talking to Britney and its fans like you who encourage this behaviour
  10. So why has billy deleted his twitter account and private his instagram? Not so confident now about everything is he? why would you need to private and delete everything? I wonder if team B has said something to him?
  11. I stopped when he said she talks to him about getting up and making bacon and eggs? I'm sorry billy but she has SAM her own ******* boyfriend to talk to, why an earth would she be in contact with you out of all people?
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