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  1. Cappy is a proud stan. Leave Cappy alone! I see Cappy’s post on LSA all the time! Good job
  2. Free Britney so she can have another baby. The probate courts need to stop acting like they are her handlers. It’s ridiculous now.
  3. This person tweeted that Jane Fonda mentioned Britney in her speech. She didn’t.
  4. Justin’s in the Bahamas recording his new album with Tim and Danja atm.
  5. Great podcast. I can’t wait for next week to compare how It was during c-ship. Really good idea!
  6. Yeah I agree Larry was in Britney’s ear and Bryan’s when he became “top cop” Bryan fired everyone except Larry Rudolph during that time and got her finances audited. I just have a feeling Larry knows how to snake 🐍 his way and keep himself attached to the family. Larry is a connecting factor to when things got stressful for Britney. When she just wanted time off to live her life. That podcast (we need to talk about Britney) with her make up artist before conservatorship is clear as day. This is why she broke down. Larry constantly wants Britney to do work when she kept asking for time off. Larry would have found the c-ship a dream. Britney had no choice but to do what the c-ship signed her onto doing. It was Jamie’s job to get her to work. He just worked with Jamie. Larry needs to take responsibility for once. He sat back and watched Britney’s soul die slowly every day in that c-ship. What a di*k.
  7. Ingham wouldn’t dare. It would bring attention to himself. What has he done the last 12 years to protect Britney? Why did he write a report declaring her incompetent after meeting her for 15 minutes? Why didn’t he fight for her freedom when she completed tours and xfactor? What did he do every time Britney asked for more freedoms?
  8. Agree. I feel like the public forgot about this fact. Maybe Free Britney social accounts should post about Jason becoming her conservator before the next hearing. Hitting Team Con again. Page Six should do an article on this.
  9. They claimed that Lou is trying to put him in a conservatorship. I don’t see any breaking news on this story? Do they have inside information? Or making a mess?
  10. Is there a petition to put Kanye in a conservatorship?
  11. Larry is complicit with the hybrid business model. He was there with the planning and every year she worked within the conservatorship. You will never see him take any responsibility for what he had a hand in. Don’t forget how quickly he ran to TMZ and threw Britney under the bus with her medical details and “she will never work again” comments. He clearly was a TMZ insider for a long time. In the Britney’s gram episode Larry alledegly thought the rehab story in 2019 will drive ticket sales for the “domination residency” comeback. That sounds exactly like something he would say. For a long time fans want to see the best in Larry. But it’s clear now he doesn’t support Britney the person enough. He would have seen first hand Britney’s feeling about the c-ship and working within it under Jamie’s helm. Larry’s moves for Britney over the years are “all publicly is good publicly”. Even though it targets her personally in interviews or projects. He failed her as a female pop star. He never had a handle on the exploitation of her personal life in tabloid magazine/ blogs in the early 2000’s. You will never see Beyoncé or Taylor Swift be attacked like Britney was / is within the media. Her parents and Larry don’t know how to support her. They just sit back and let it all happen. I doubt Larry intervened much in interviews reminding journalists to be respectful. Look at that Diane Sawyer interview for example. IMO He got lucky with Britney. He is not a great manager at all. Britney is magnetic and talented. Any manager during her peak would have found success. Fans have given him too much credit over the years. During her peak don’t forget Johnny Wright was her manager too. I suspect her career could have been different and more supportive if he stayed on instead of Larry. I wouldn’t be surprised if he suggested to remove Johnny either back in 2003. Sorry not sorry.
  12. This media take down of Jamie Spears is intense. Anyway, this doesn’t shock me if true. Does Britney even have black body guards anymore?
  13. The conservatorship just proves Britney can still be taken advantage of. Even within a legal system. Just look at the mess Vivian did on GMA. Let her live her life like everybody else in America. It’s insanity to continue this structure as is. Her parents failed her. Bessemer will probably continue to be her manager of her finances anyway without the c-ship. She doesn’t need court approval to live her life. It should end. Every year takes away from her having another baby and living her life. We all know she wants another baby. She would have had one if not more if the c-ship ended back in 2008.
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