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  1. The lyrics are really cliche... again it’s another “you broke my heart but now I’m stronger than ever” which is a good message but the way it’s done here just seems so repetitive... like how many times do we have to hear you’re over Justin, if you need to say it that many times it kinda seems like you’re not actually over him Maybe I would like it more if I didn’t understand Spanish. she sounds really bored and sleepy, even more than when she sings in English. And really, “Baila Conmigo” for an album title? That has to be the most generic Spanish phrase ever
  2. I really want her to bring pop in Spanish back. I'm so tired of Raegatton (i can't spell it haha)
  3. This is great! I'm so excited for Avril's new album, it really seems like it's gonna be mid 2000s style pop punk my only complaint is that I wish it were longer!
  4. hmmm idk i definitely don't trust sam and think he's shady, but pretty much all of the "evidence" in this video seems like a huge stretch
  5. IM SO EXCITEDDDDD THIS MADE MY DAY omg i just hope avril is honest about when the new music is coming, i remember head above water took so long to come, and she kept saying it was coming "soon" but it took forever
  6. meh, i would disagree considering the general public remembers britney as being blonde during the BOMT and oops eras
  7. she was actually blonde in both, people tend to underestimate how dark "blonde" really can be a lot of people mistake dark blonde for being light brown like, c'mon, this is blonde. a color like this is also technically blonde as opposed to light brown
  8. he liked Trump's instagram posts and then when he was called out for it he gave this dumb insta story rant saying influencers shouldn't get involved in politics and stuff
  9. thissss exactly this couldn't have said it better hope you have a great day
  10. there were a lot of streaming and buying parties from a lot of the most popular Britney fan accounts on Twitter i mean i guess just streaming the song cause you want to listen to it isn't that bad but organizing these huge streaming/buying parties just make us look dumb bc it's pretty clearly Britney doesn't want to work rn and does not care about this release
  11. if you all knew it wasn't going to chart in the first place, why do all these streaming parties for it? why do you all care when Britney clearly doesn't?
  12. yeah it only had 2 days but considering most fans bought it and did streaming parties within the first 2 days, and now the song is tanking, I'm sure it did a lot better in those first 2 days than the last 5 days combined
  13. You all really put money in Jamie’s pocket while Britney is refusing to work to promote a song (that she clearly doesn’t care about) and for what? for it to not even chart
  14. lol this is obviously Jamie wanting to make as much money off britney as he can while she's not working.. but of course her fans will buy anyways and the conservatorship will never end
  15. Yeah I agree there's definitely a certain moderator on here that I've seen instigate fights and personally attack other users unprovoked yeah of course moderators should be able to have their opinion but I also think they should be held to a certain standard. If they want to fight with people maybe they could use a separate account? The power dynamic is off, and you never see moderators on sites like reddit getting into such intense fights with users. Someone who's supposed to be making the site a better place shouldn't be personally attacking users.
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