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  1. I love RBD and bought tickets to the concert reunion but, am I the only one who feels this new song is kinda bad? It's just very meh and feels like we've heard the melody before. And the vocal production sounds very weird and almost robotic, especially Christian's verse I think.
  2. God, race relations in this country never are going to get better are they
  3. his tweet definitely made me cringe, it felt entitled. Like, just because you have a song that's a hit doesn't mean it's worthy of a grammy. They're supposed to be about quality, not commercial success. Screw the grammy's tho. They definitely are corrupt. I just think rich celebrities whining about not getting nominated for a gold trophy is cringey and makes them look desperate for validation.
  4. so beautifully put. thank you. by supporting these releases you are all actively perpetuating the current state that Britney is in, a state where she refuses to put out new music. Britney is going to remain in this conservatorship and will never put out new music if you all keep this up, so I hope you all enjoy only getting photo outtakes and unreleased singles once every few years for the rest of your lives
  5. This movement has accomplished so much in the battle to free Britney from her conservatorship, however, we can always do better. What are some areas that the movement needs work in, and what can we do to improve?
  6. We've been trying so hard to get the general public aware of the #FreeBritney movement and how Britney's team and conservators have been manipulating her, milking her for money, and the fact that she has no control over her own finances. After working so hard to get this trending, people then see us on social media organizing buying parties for Britney's music, and it's not even new music! We look like a clown of a fandom if we're going to say we and Britney hate the conservatorship, and then organize buying parties that directly put money into her conservator's and team's pockets Other fandoms, as well as the general public, are laughing at us. It makes us look like we don't even care. How are they supposed to take the movement seriously if Britney's own fans don't? And there's a difference between just streaming her music because you want to listen to it, and going out of your way to organize buying parties and re-purchasing songs you've owned for years. No one will take this movement seriously unless we continue to apply financial pressure on the conservatorship.
  7. I hate to say it, but some people are so bad to travel with it makes me like them a lot less as a person honestly When I was studying abroad, me and my friend booked several trips, to Paris, Madrid, and Rome. She was so passive agressive during every trip and in general just not pleasant to be around. Honestly it made me pretty sad and really kind of put a damper on the experiences. After we got back, things just haven't been the same anymore. I don't really want to be her friend anymore, and I know she feels it, because she's gone around to my other friend saying "___ cut me off, i think he hates me". I don't hate her, but every time I think about her I can't help but feel upset and angry at her for having ruined these trips. Am I wrong for not wanting to be friends with someone because they were bad to travel with? Or is it something they just can't control and something that I shouldn't hold against them? Thanks for the help, appreciate it!
  8. So, I think we've all been in that "talking stage" with someone where at first you really liked them but then they say the wrong thing and start acting different than how you thought they were.... I'm pretty anti-ghosting, but what do you think the best way to tell someone you don't want to date/talk to them anymore? and please no "it's not you its me", that's so cliche and everyone knows its bs! Hahahaha :P
  9. Hi guys, I thought this would be a fun activity to help foster some understanding between both sides. Politics are often painted as black or white, red or blue, but I think there's a lot more grey area. I think both liberals and conservatives can find things they like in each candidate, so: What are three things you like about Joe Biden, and three things you dislike about him? Bonus: what are three things you like about Trump, and three things you dislike about Trump?
  10. What exactly is it that makes you support Trump? What do you like about him? What do you say to the criticisms about his character (grab em by the pu$$y, etc) and financial fraud (only paying $750 in taxes), etc? Do you support him because you genuinely like him, or do you more just dislike the left? sorry if this comes off as aggressive, its not meant to be at all; I'm asking out of a genuine curiosity.
  11. So I'm sure you all, being big Britney fans, get asked a lot by friends and family about Britney's often puzzling instagram. What is your response when people ask you "what's going on with Britney's instagram?"
  12. Hey guys so i've been talking to this guy for over a year now, and I think i've fallen in love with him. It started as just a friendship, because he has a boyfriend (of 4 years), but I eventually developed feelings for him because I just love his personality. part of the reason I fell for him was because he would flirt with me a lot. I know he finds me attractive and would flirt with me, nothing explicit, but it would make me feel good, which is why I let it continue. Everytime I called him out for flirting with me while having a bf he would just say he was kidding around, but it got to the point where I think he stopped kidding I told him I have feelings for him and he feels the same way, but I don't think he's going to break up with his bf and I don't want to be a homewrecker. Nothing ***ual has happened between us, but we've been friends and flirting for a year I feel like he only reaches out to me when he wants someone to flirt with or when he's bored. I find myself listening to Perfume by Britney a lot to cope, but I feel like it doesn't really describe the situation perfectly, does she have a song that does? Have any of you been in a similar situation? Have you been someone's side piece? What ended up happening? I'd love to hear your stories. Maybe we can support each other.
  13. Ok so both albums were released in 2020, and both have a strong throwback 70s disco and 80s dance pop vibe. This isn't about pitting two women against each other, I just think the comparison is interesting and fun! I've listened to both and can't make up my mind! Do we prefer the album from disco and dance pop veteran Kylie Minogue, or newcomer Dua Lipa? Both are critically acclaimed Bonus question: do you think Britney should release a disco album? Or do you think the trend has been overdone at this point Related:
  14. So, we always see Madonna and Janet credited for being Britney's biggest influences (in terms of music, style, and performances), and I definitely think they influenced her more than anyone else, but is there anyone else who you think had a big influence on Britney? I'd say Michael Jackson definitely influenced a lot of her dancing, but other than him I think it would be interesting to see who else influenced her. I know she idolized Mariah and Whitney, but tbh I don't see a lot of similarity in their music or performances.
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