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  1. Just look who stars in the movie Call Me By Your Name. Cannibal and abuser Armie Hammer. Very weird movie reference for this song and video that seems unrelated... except very related at the same time.
  2. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/global-ped****e-ring-busted/
  3. What you posted is not the toxicology report. It's typical media fluff. He is on video saying "I can't breathe" long before he was even down on the ground. He was absolutely not coherent and was exhibiting signs of someone having a very bad drug trip. The "experts" from your quote are cherry picked by liberal publications to mirror their narrative. His system shut down from the lethal dose of drugs in his system, not anxiety about being arrested. The fact that your quote goes all the way around the block to talk about the drug epidemic in the country shows that they're just trying to build a narrative with a fact pattern that would lead you to feel sorry for him and paint him as a victim of society. Which, maybe he is, but he overdosed, and that's the facts.
  4. I think it's more likely they must have major blackmail on him. That's how this works. No one would humiliate themselves like this willingly. Makes no sense to want to associate yourself with the darkness of satanism and the horrors they inflict on children unless you're forced to, which we know artists and celebrities are industry slaves forced into public humilliation rituals by the elite. We know epstein was able to extort money and control out of his rich celebrity friends through blackmail from s3x parties on his island. Why would an artist want to ostracize their fanbase for this and associate their song with a p3d0 movie like Call me by your name? I feel sorry for this person. I don't think he's in control at all, but he's also most likely just going along with it too. The second he says stop, you'll see happen to him what happen to Britney. They destroy you once you stop destroying yourself for their agenda. He will get a major reward for this by the people who control the media industries. Maybe a big payout deal like Katy perry got for american idol. But his career will never be the same, neither will his soul.
  5. They wont have kids that's why the protective instinct doesn't effect them emotionally in the same way. A very small percentage of gays end up adopting or having children, and the black community is the biggest abortion demographic on the planet, which is a satanic blood sacrifice ritual itself. This is why these two communities are being targeted to promote this evil degeneracy for the elites. They really think that lowly of us that we will go along with the evil. And all the brainwashed gays bumping to this think they're really sticking it to the white christian patriarchy, but they're only hurting themselves in the end. Playing with this type of evil will haunt and destroy them. Evil is a disease that can't be contained once you cross a certain line. Just like vampires being welcomed in. Who do you think that ancient folklore is about? Our ancestors warned us about this. The devil's greatest deception was convincing man that he doesn't exist. Even if you don't believe he exists, ((they)) do, and the things they do in his name should make anyone stand against this type of messaging to children who will inevitably see this filth and be enticed by it.
  6. It's all in the toxicology report, one state's police protocol manual, and the full security cam footage that the media had all along but held back until after the riots. It's hard to find coverage of it now because the internet gets scrubbed of truth nowadays. The toxicology report was printed and posted on a colleges bulletin board and now there's an active investigation into white supremacy at the school. The world has gone mad.
  7. I think the next Britney hasn't come out yet. I don't see anyone who can dance and sell a song based on the merit of their talent without being overly provocative. Britney flirted with being raunchy, but it was later on in her career, and compared to now, that was tame. Cardi is like the next Khia or something. I don't think you can compare rappers to pop stars.
  8. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=george+floyd+artwork&form=HDRSC2&first=1&tsc=ImageBasicHover I think becoming the face of nationwide movement where people do mural art around a person and treat him as a martyr made him an icon for BLM. He didn't deserve to be killed, but the toxicology report also proves that he died of a fentynol overdose, and the security footage shows him swallowing all his drugs when he saw the cops so that he wouldn't get caught with them. It was a deadly dose. It's actually written in the police policy manual to keep the knee on the neck in that way to stop someone from choking during an overdose. It clears the airway. His airway was not obstructed by this maneuver. It looks worse than it actually is. The cop will not be charged because of this and more riots will most likely resume.
  9. Stupid people are the brainwashed zombies bopping to the sound of corporate mainstreaming of luciferian blood rituals to the black and gay communities. 60 minutes proved this is really going on. Real news. But you're dazzled by a music video so everyone else is stupid. Yeah okay.
  10. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. Not an accurate source. Lucifer is Lucifer. They used a 5 pointed star and a drop of blood with the devil's number to represent him for the sneakers. I don't care if it was devised by a halloween costume company or santa claus. It's used as a satanic symbol by p3d0s to worship the devil. Late adoption of the symbol doesn't make it any less synonymous. If you look at the origin of the swastika it was just an innocuous symbol of the sun in eastern religions. The association with Na-zis made it synonymous with white supremacy so it's origin doesn't really matter now.
  11. First my original post disappeared. Then the link to the 60 minutes segment on satanic ritual abuse was deleted. Then the word sacrifice was removed and a bunch of words edited out. What's going on here?
  12. Who keeps editing all the facts out of my posts? The word Sacrifice was edited out? For what reason? Someone here is really trying to protect the satanists from the truth about their evil from getting out.
  13. My last link from another video server site was deleted without explanation. Maybe the problem was the platform?
  14. And now he's being tried for being a S-adist who ra-ped women and abused his exes. Really good example. Thank you.
  15. Where did you get that idea that the 5 pointed circled pentagram is to protect you? The johnny depp headless horseman movie? That's the baphomet symbol. They sacrifice children to appease lucifer. It's amazing that my video link to a 60 minutes segment was removed but a youtube video that promotes giving lucifer a lapdance is promoted to the top.
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