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  1. I'm fine w that. Even if she waits 10 yrs to tell us, I won't beg for the details. Whenever she's ready, she will say it. I judt want her freed and living a life under her own terms.
  2. Dude, I totally would cuz I'm in nyc but with cases rising here... Not really a good idea. It's too risky. If you wanna zoom it, we can take the time 1 day to actually spoil ourselves and make some kickass brunch food, I'm down for that. Share recipes, chat about the movement and listen/watch/read real time results from the court hearing. That wouldn't be a bad idea.
  3. An ****** you say? Well let me go get my coins so I can pay him for the best *** ever
  4. But let's be real, how many would really pay for that when there are free apps that do the same exact thing? First one that comes to mind, and most popular one, is MyFitnessPal. You get recipes to healthy meals, advice, macros, calories, etc. All for free.
  5. Sam is an opportunist since day 1. His history is evidence enough to label him. Side note: I think I figured out the reason why he really left the personal trainer job. The men who own that gym are Shayan and Shaheen Safai. Thir sister is Shiva Safai. Guess who she was in a relationship with for 5 yrs? Mohamed Hadid. HADID.... As in Gigi and Bella Hadid. He is their father. Their relationship ended towards the end of 2019. Ironically enough, Sam's face was all over the place in Britney's IG by then, "living" with her, etc. My assumption is when he learned the relationship ended, he had no reason to work at RPT anymore and have hopes of the Safai boys helping him with his modeling career through those connections. He quit, decided to work full time for Team Con and here we are. There is absolutely no reason to quit a regular paying steady job like a fitness trainer for acting gigs that hardly pay much. Unless his level of acting was thst of Hanks, Clooney, Pitt, Cruise, etc... I'm sure he was getting the bare minimum. You don't quit a good job unless you've got a better paying job that brings in a paycheck biweekly. Aka Team Con. Not acting. Esp not acting at his level where he's doing Z listed films that no one's ever heard of.
  6. He is. I asked and he said he's got a few others to do first but he's gonna Def do another reading very soon
  7. You nailed it! It's wait for them to choose someone young, naive, gullible and no threat. He fit that role and of course, as the saying goes, money is the root of all evil. He is prob being paid a good amount of money so he will play the part of a "boyfriend" when behind the scenes he's laughing it up and sharing a drink with Jamie.
  8. Very popular and pretty powerful congresswoman for New York. She's very vocal and is the future of America. She's young, she's hip, she's for the ppl, she's completely the opposite of the old political leaders we have now. She has tons of great ideas to mKe America better.
  9. Oh, my bad haha. She's a very popular congresswoman in America. Me, personally, I find her to be the future of America. I'm sure if u Google her, you'll see her face and recognize her immediately.
  10. Interesting! AOC's father passed away and his estate had to go through a lengthy probate court battle. She said she saw firsthand how corrupt these lawyers are by pocketing everything while the family was struggling. I'm pretty sure she's aware of the #freebritney if that's the case. I'm surprised she has done nothing to raise concern in Congress. She lives in my district and I've reached out to her on several occasions to attend a free Britney rally. Would be cool for someone like Ocasio-Cortez to actually do something to help Britney. An appearance at a rally would draw attention worldwide and it'd be even more bigger than it already is. Welp, time to flood her Twitter with tags daily till she finally responds to me lol.
  11. That Sam really loves her. Can't prove it but a lot of his behavior is really getting suspicious
  12. I knew that was fake the day "Britney" posted that video of her foot in a cast in the hospital and Sam writing STRONGER. Homeboy, quit playing. It was the most fakest staged video ever.
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