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  1. Freddy Kruger and Chuckie will actually visit you too no cap. Might die but they'll turn out LMFAOOOOO
  2. Lmao I'm disappointed in kanye but that sign that says Just shut the **** up sometimes is actually a mood and an aesthetic
  3. I know it's like 6 years old but no one told me Tinashe slaps till this forum so... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-s7TCuCpB5c
  4. Agreed. For any disabled person- mental or physical- there is so much more to them than just THAT. At the very least, make characters dynamic with multiple facets other than their disability. Making a whole character whose main trait is a disability is outdated and boring. But I also get where Sia is coming from. Could have delivered the response different tho.
  5. Right? I come to read the comments though cause seeing the majority of other people who see past their bull**** is satisfying af.
  6. I love seeing men wearing traditionally feminine clothing. I wish magazines featured more women wearing traditionally masculine clothing too. Your value as a human is not defined by your clothes. Your existence as either male or female isn't inherently challenged by wearing clothes that most consider the opposite of what you should wear. And itd be a lot cooler if conservatives could make peace with that and ground their sense if self in something other than traditional masculine or feminine presentation.
  7. Stronger. It's timeless and good healing song that isn't too flowery and has an actual tough vibe to it. It's along similar lines as Fighter by Xtina. We will always be growing and discovering who we can and can't trust to facilitate that growth and untangling ourselves from those that don't. They will try to make us feel like we can't go on without them, but we absolutely can.
  8. Great uplifting video! It was really sweet I do have to agree that the music a bit overwhelming and it could be better to take it down a notch though. Viewers are there to hear you. Not THIS MUSIC with a feature of Jordan.
  9. Dark horse was a good song but the MV was so campy and dumb. Because they decided to promo the stupid cheetos or whatever it was. The MV didn't even MATCH the song.
  10. I'm in love with Aquarius and Night Ride. Black Water is great too but not on the same level as those.
  11. good for him! I've been listening since the weird esoteric haunted strip club days of his music. Miss those but it's cool to see an artist I liked in their early days move to the actual super bowl!
  12. Anyway this Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson collab slaps and I'm so glad i got the privilege of hearing it
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