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  1. This is amazing. Her vocals are amazing. She's gotta work on her stage presence though. Like she's really just chilling.
  2. They could do that and still have a fourth actress to balance out the squad. Have a black actress that way. I loved Jennifer Hudson in the first film, it'd be so cool to see her character come back and have more of a role. I think something like that would peak my interest. But to try and replace Samantha with literally anyone else just won't work out imo. If they can create a good plot with a return of JH, I'd be super down. She had such great energy and spirit. Plus Sam's character wasn't as involved in the first movie (in cali) so JH could pull that weight the way she did in that first film
  3. Yea I too recycle selfies on my personal brand IG.
  4. My thing is that if I jumped into a daily committed exercise routine, pounds would drop and I don't want that at all. I just wanna look somewhat toned. At my smallest, I was 111 lbs. My biggest was like 180. Idk what I am now but I'd guess I'm sitting pretty at like 140 to 150 which I'm fine with. I just wanna fine tune that **** and look like a thicc *****. But also wear these clothes I just got without looking like a clown
  5. Rap has gone incredibly downhill. Like it used to be super artistic and savant guard and yes you had plenty of *** shaking money making grind music but you still had the tracks that went deep and hit deep. I do like a few recent artists but I'm not into the music the way I used to be. We had JAY Zs on to the next one from blueprint 3 and interesting stuff like that with videos that had tons of art references. Now we got like mumble rap and it murders my soul. It's so processed. The difference between a steak and a hot dog.
  6. Oh 100 percent. I already eat a lot of protein rich foods in my daily diet.
  7. I want to get toned but I'm not interested in loosing much weight if any. I've been doing some reading on my own, but I was wondering about your opinions First of all I JUST learned how to dress in a way that's complimenting my body andbody also my style. Clothes are expensive and trying to redo a wardrobe to refit a different body is effing exhausting. I already suck at it and it took me forever to find a style that works and I like. Second of all, my current body type is a nicis and healthy halfway between when I was my heaviest (severe depression) and my skinniest (severe anxiety) so I'm not into changing it. Really, I just need to find an exercise routine that's easy to commit to and a meal plan that works. I like walking a lot and I like to hula hoop AGGRESSIVELY So fellow mouth breathers what would you do or have you done just to get your body more fit without loosing an assload of weight or retain your weight?
  8. Damn He was like a fixture all throughout my life. Not that I was tuning in to watch his show forever but he was just always around and a name Rest in peace Larry
  9. "Sometimes the only payoff for having any faith is when it's tested again and again every day." Immortals by Fall Out Boy "My childhood spat back out the monster that you see" - My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy
  10. Fair enough. Result of taking in actual post points coupled with opinions. My bad People who work magic do weird ****. I do magic (not with like my pets) with bones I bleach and snake skin. Maybe I should like... think more about **** like this too.
  11. Some of your comments are kinda coming off like people who eat meat are morally lower than those who don't. You may not see it that way but it kinda reads like that. I'm not claiming to be an expert, but I do have the experience of knowing some things about both sides. I used to do clean eating/vegetarian diet until I lost my job. The place I lived was kind of a food desert with few nearby options to purchase food. I ended up having to go back to eating meat and non vegetarian foods. This is also in America. Being able to eat a certain way can be a privilege. I had the privilege then I lost it. I had to do all my grocery shopping at a dollar tree that was still 15 minutes drive to save gas and money to live. I felt great when I ate vegetarian! I had great energy and was super in shape. It takes one thing going out of place to take that away. You end up having to nourish yourself somehow.
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