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  1. Dear I’m A Slave 4 You, I had my hardest time while choosing between you and Overprotected. I’ve always loved you differently and I always will. Overprotected is a masterpiece as you but its too strong and powerful. So I had to choose Overprotected over you and I have no regret though. Love you :*
  2. I don't remember who posted but I've seen a tweet says Britney is made of steel. Even a steel could not stand this...
  3. I'm really sorry about the way I'm gonna talk now but I hate that piece of crap. How can he call his own daughter as a race horse?? How dare he!! I hope he suffer, die in pain. How much worse money can make a person? Give it a damn rest. I am so angry right now... What did Britney do to have a father like this? He's just out of the way and he needs to be stopped immediately.
  4. This issue has a big dilemma. I don't personally stream Britney's songs, I downloaded them to my phone and computer. I believe we should boycott the brand, this is most logical. But I never ever say to anyone, "Why are you doing this? Why are you buying this?" I have no right to questioning someone's decisions. Although I would like to support her, I prefer not to do it as Britney underlined it.
  5. I appreciate this post. Even US has got rid of Trump but Britney still have to deal with this ****ty people around her. I can't believe that he says he's doing everything he's supposed to be doing managing the estate. he thinks financial ruin was avoided on his watch (omg you're the ruin here) he is a total joke
  6. Thank youu!! The names you give to your cats are great actually, I found it very creative because I have a hard time choosing a name. I'm sure Britney, Selena and Aladdin are all so cute with their own way. Sending lots of hugs and kisses.
  7. Aaaaw I wanna hug you right now... Feel Special is so special for me and I love it in a different way. Nayeon is a gift, a little bunny with a cute chubby cheeks. I think they all have unique voices but Nayeon, Jihyo and Jeongyeon has the strongest voices they kill me almost every time. I'm sure you'll like the album, Nayeon's vocals are on point!!
  8. Twice surprises me every time. What was that music video? I still couldn't get out of the effect, I would have wrote on this title before but I was streaming. The girls are all beautiful again. It was part of the ongoing story, but I didn't understand anything from the MV even though I've watched 700 times, I couldn't relate to the story. Anyway the girls are extremely beautiful again, the song is very catchy. This album is just a perfect album, and the number of self-written songs by the girls is really high in Eyes Wide Open (so proud ). Choreo is looks amazing as M&M choreo. I'm in love with them all but my bias is Dahyun, Jihyo and Sana are my biaswrecker so I was very excited for Bring It Back, Queen, Up No More and Do What We Like. All of them are so succesfull about writing a song. Bring It Back made me feel like I took some stimulants and I'm high at disco. Handle It also very succesfull song by Chaeyoung. Nayeon's vocals are flawless as always and Depend On You is just...... So sorry for Jeongyeon's health issues. I feel so speechless and I can talk about this album all day long. I want to say so much that if I say this post will be too long anyways Twice will remain as history...
  9. @Slayer thank you so much for hosting I had so much fun! See you on Britney Megarate
  11. Toxic Touch Of My Hand Breathe On Me Everytime my guesses
  12. The song is good actually but without the twins
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