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  1. I just wanted to know why people think shes so nice. I've met people who are super nice in public and at work but then you really get to know them and their the complete opposite. Usually the nicest people are secretly the meanest.
  2. I get in k interviews and red carpets shes always nice but how do we know shes not a beothch behind the scenes.
  3. Flying private is costly. Gurl your dad may take everything you need to invest in a penny jar. In all realness shes doing what I've always thought she should and that makes me happy. I wanted to comment on the lips but I wont because as long as shes happy with her look I'll support her. Not happy about her flying private but I get it.
  4. I think she cant really do the teen pop music and glory was okay for me. Idk what direction she can go. Power ballads lol idk. I was sad that the *****cat dolls didnt really do well with their comeback. That music is just out of style. I think dark urban can make a comeback.
  5. This was a great answer and makes complete sense. I forgot that he considers himself a businessman bc of his daughter. I guess it would be hard to accept that you only made it bc of your daughter but take pride in that. Having kids means they may be successful and she doesn't owe him a dime of her money. I couldn't imagine having to still pay this man after everything. I use to be pro conservatorship for health reasons but they are clearly abusing her financially and mentally.
  6. She just needs a single that she connects with and owns. Blackpinks songs are catchy but each member owns those songs and connects with them. Its undeniable confidence and swagger and that's what Britney needs
  7. Not feeling it definitely scrapped from glory. She's not a bad vocalist but her voice just doesn't work on slow tempo. I will support it though but mid tempos need less auto tune or it makes it so hard to connect to the song
  8. Let's not let the shady brother off the hook. We all know he got rich off his sister too. I just dont get what her dad wants all this money for like what does he do with it. I'm over here like I would buy a nice house 20 cars go all over the world, but he doesn't seem to do that.
  9. If I was ever one the fence about the conservatorship I'm not any more. Damn they literally put money over her. Get me out!
  10. Her voice sounds like her again. She seems a little tired. I think she is happy bc shes not performing and just living her life. Idk why follow it up by the weird picture after. I just think she is super insecure at this point and she thinks her post look good for how she sees herself . We all do it but I guess bc shes a celebrity she is scrutinized in a different way and I think that's why she wants out of the lime light. She is very insecure and actually cares what people say about her she always has. I think she has some mental health problems but I do think she is working on them and taking care of herself.
  11. Not Britney related but I'm so excited for Christmas! I still need to lose my covid weight to indulge in cookies!
  12. Is this Jamie's parenting idea right now, ya wanna act like an adult I'll treat you like an adult. How many times have we all heard that growing up lol
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