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  1. Oh shush. Shes a public figure with a lot of controversy surrounding her and a lot of the past is part of the current situation. Ya cant just erase history because it was a bad period. Wondering when she started to act out or act abnormal is part of being a fan. Accepting her past and asking questions about it you can learn from the past and not make the same mistakes from it.
  2. When was the first time people realized she wasnt acting in let's say in a way that showed something was going on.
  3. I Love Britney honey even crazy Britney. I did look in the mirror and ya now what I saw a kind loving person who is pretty awesome and I saw reality. When you look in the mirror you probably see a person who doesn't exist bc you live in a fairy tale dream world and only see what you want to see because the reality of what's there is to hard to bare. It's sad, lonely, holding onto a past time that was the only happy point in your sad hopeless life, and that's it, all there staring right back at you reminding you of all the mistakes you've made that have led to your unbearable miserable existence. That's why you made up your fake world to ignore what's really there right in front of your face. Sorry u came for me first.
  4. Hahaha I never said crazy eyes, U JUST DID. Ya 100% u see it too, but just cant admit the reality of it and try to ban other users. You should be banned for trying to be petty against other users.
  5. Idk her instagram is not making me more pro free Britney I'm more like maybe try new meds.
  6. I do think it looks crazy and so do a lot of people. Sorry you cant handle reality of what something is and that's crazy. Her instagram is crazy on a whole bunch of levels and the deniers are just idk in their own world. Whatever is going on with her posts it leans more on the crazy side and if you think else wise and want to call me crazy for acknowledging that it's not what ya are expecting from a multi award winning artist and it's the look she has that is crazy not the modeling. Shes modeling alright and it's called the crazy look.
  7. This has crazy written all over it. B4 ya come at me look at the comments under it on Instagram. Idk what is going on with her instagram but for real I'm waiting for one of those scary pop ups everytime I watch one of these creepy videos.
  8. It's because she was addicted to drugs. It's so obvious. Her dad has hinted, people have talked about her being addicted to meth, its quite possible she od and has had brain damage done. Anyone with a brain knows this conservatorship has been about keeping her away from drugs.
  9. Tell her if your not going to give it your all then dont bother. Fans pay a lot of money sometimes the money they cant swing and she goes out and acts like it's torture to be there
  10. The only reason she wants Jamie off the cosevatorhsip is bc she probably cant see them as much bc of the restraining order on Jamie.
  11. Some of us have forgotten that you got your daughter the help she needed way back when. Supposedly your smarter then a ninja assassin and had plotted this all along but I have hope that your a good parent with your own flaws. Clearly Britney hasn't died or had any public meltdowns since you've stepped in. Keep her safe and away from people trying to hurt her.
  12. Why do you think she actually needs a conservatorship? 2007 was rough and we cant forget it, do we think she has fully recovered yet? This website is a Britney fan site right not a free Britney sight? So there has to be people on here who may think its good for her. I'm not trolling either been on this website b4 ya had to make an account. Just posting now bc the fans are getting mean and I hate to be associated with that.
  13. I came at you with facts(what you call sad) and Britney fans are going at Jamie with delusions.(what you call opinions) I respect people opinions but not their hate.
  14. That song was released as a way to keep her relevant bc she wanted to give the fans something during this pandemic to enjoy. And she probably has a recording studio in her house. And idk if Britney refuses to work I think she doesnt want to work, I think shes over the Britney image that all her fans cant let go of. She knows it isn't working anymore and she knows it's stupid for her to go out there at 40 not singing and just being a dancer.
  15. Um news flash, she released mood ring and is working on project rose. She is working just doing something a little different for herself. Anything she puts effort into is work just not by how you define work.
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