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  1. i'm so sorry to hear this. it's horrific that homophobia is still a thing. i think people fear what they don't understand. that's obviously NOT an excuse but it's something that seems to have been drummed into your stepfather and has become ingrained, no questions asked. whether thats by his parents, or just society in general when he was growing up. it's hard to even initiate a conversation with someone like that - because, if someone's willing to listen, talking things out can be a great educator/healer - but i can understand how awful that must be to have to deal with and i'm so sorry
  2. hm to a certain extent i agree. its just about trends/fads n whats popular at the time. plenty of people thought music in the 70s was shocking bc it wasnt the old school love songs they grew up on. no one forces u to listen to chart music and it isnt really a GREAT indicator of whats selling best as we know the sales can be manipulated (*cough* Billboard *cough*). but music is supposed to be FUN (or just emotive in general), it doesnt need to be pretentious or deep or meaningful. i see both sides
  3. such a devastating loss of such a wonderful soul - she moved mountains and broke so many barriers. it'd be amazing to see what she would've gone on to do
  4. i feel like this is probs quite a common scenario but i hate where im at in life. i despise it. i feel so so mediocre. but its ridiculous. i lit turned 22 last week and feel like a failure bc i havent found my feet yet .. ? writing it down like that makes me realise how ****** up that sounds. 22 is objectively nothing ... idk, i just wanna learn to live in the moment and live for today i guess rather than being so goal-orientated ALL the time, constantly looking for the end product right off the bat. if anyone has any tips for grounding yourself in the present that'd be neat!
  5. britney epitomises almost every type of music video you could think of - the choreography-based music videos, the narrative-based music videos, the **** music videos, the glamorous music videos, the kid-friendly music videos. she helped (it wasnt just brit, but she played a HUGE part) catalyse the direction of 21st century music videos. and theyre SO memorable - the outfits, the choreo, the setting
  6. for suuuure. fe isnt stupid - esp if youre in britneys world / have been a part of britneys world for so long, everything with some sort of direct messaging to it like that has gotta be pointed
  7. this is tough !!! i dont feel super strong about it but im gonna go w lucky ...
  8. i feel like ive seen her floating around twitter bc of her body ? i think her ***** were leaked like a year ago or something & went viral ? maybe thats someone else
  9. im not sure how i feel about this ... seems super fishy since shes so tight w lou ... but i have a LOT to catch on up w jl, havent heard about her in a hot minute so will try & reserve too much judgement until i research more
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