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  1. No because her environment was extremely toxic. However it is normal to rebel as young, it is part of growing up and it is healthy. The response to her rebelling was the real sick factor. People can’t be “stable” all through their lives unless they live extremely protected lives. An average teenage boy/young male does all the things Britney did, except much worse and it is just viewed as “boys will be boys”. They get into fights, get intoxicated, do embarrassing things when drunk or/and in love/jealous/competing with other young males. They get tattoos, wild haircuts etc. Yes, young people may suffer, cry, become depressed etc, especially when they have narcissistic parents that push them and control them. But Britney’s case is made such a huge deal of, when she was just a normal human being.
  2. Ev, wtf? Britney didn’t lost her mind and What is this 19th century crap about innocent ”girls” should stay innocent?! She got angry! Women haven’t lost their mind if they get angry, neither if they shave their heads and stop going out of their ways to look attractive for patriarchy. YOU are the problem. It is Because of a society full of enough people like YOU that Britney is under conservatorship. Because you Seriously think that she lost her mind but Leonardo di Caprio or any of the other Male celebrities in Hollywood apperently didn’t according to you. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
  3. Yes! Britney’s situation is an extreme version of an ”ordinary” dysfunctional either romantic relationship or dysfunctional family. Normally it is ”only” just the abuser (and their network) plus the victims own shattered nerves, self-esteem, ptsd etc. But she has been ordered to obey her abusers by a judge in court. Britney must be the least unstable person on the planet because most people would have lost their **** in that situation.
  4. And also, Britney is not a free person, she is not even a citizen..! How could She choose to try and block out the few people She have in her life when She can’t reach out to her real friends and go and do What she wants? I am surprised some people talk about her as if she has choices.
  5. What? It is not a conspiracy theory that you can’t say that any judge is free from corruption, ***ism or bad judgement. Why just people in the legal field? Are they not human beings like the rest of humanity? Do they magically become superior beings? You are the one with conspiracy theories, with your stupid good world bias. I just know that you actively need to work against corruption and errors within EVERY FIELD, EVERY PROFESSION. News to you, I guess?
  6. Why do you that?! You sound like someone who would be a big enabler of corruption. Newsflash; judges aren’t Arch Angels, they are human beings and may be corrupt, ***ist, Trump voters 😉, racists, lack judgement etc. Just like police officers, nurses and doctors can and do pure criminal acts (just look at the British recent case with the nurse specialised in neo-natal care...).
  7. Her life was upside down because she was harassed, abused, bullied and controlled. What she needed was more space and freedom, not less. People sometimes need to reach rock bottom in order to get up again. That is how you learn from life and grow. And it is a human right to direct your own life. Women should have the ducking right to duck up a little when Liam Gallagher, Pete Doherty, Charlie Sheen etc have been aloud to roam around like loose bulls for their entire careers. She should not have been limited from shaving her hair and go to a few parties, let out some anger etc, just because she was a woman.
  8. That it is disgusting. Always. It does not go along with human rights, period. Does not matter if someone is in a psychosis, have dementia etc, you should never say that they are no longer a citizen, that is fascist. Having worked as caregiver for people WAY less “functional” than Britney that needed help to go the toilet or go to the dentist or whatever, I am sick reading how conservatorships are used in the US. The job should be about helping the person be heard and identify their wishes, fulfill them as much as possible, help them to live as independent as possible. Yes, also with Alzheimer. You should show respect and really try to figure out what makes them comfortable, even if their language is gone. And you do NOT need a conservatorship for that.
  9. Lame reasoning, she can’t contact her lawyer any time she wish. I guess he visits her or book a call in advance with her team. She does not have access to a phone like that.
  10. It is. I left a 1 star review on Urban Outfitters, writing about how they exploit human trafficking. Could only see 5 star reviews, and I KNOW many, many people have boycotted the brand and left 1 star reviews. I thought UO must be deleting bad reviews and possibly gets good ones from spam bots. Read the conditions for leaving reviews and it said that they have the right to delete or CHANGE reviews left on their page, any way they want. Also to leave your information to who they want. F them. Slavery should not be sold on Urban Outfitters.
  11. Finally, ACLU. It has been a while since they went out and said that they could help Britney. She is under conservatorship, she can’t access internet or contact them. (“Make and receive phone calls”) Good that they tagged Vanity. Journalists seem oblivious to human rights so they should answer every media tweet about Britney to at least show the GP that the media narrative is not okay.
  12. Yes but She has been abused for 12 years by the conservatorship. What could She do to rebel now? She wouldn’t have a tiny percentage of chance to get out if she broke their rules. They just put her in some abusive ward for 6 months where She is forced to take drugs and God knows What happens. I get terrified for her just THINKING about those sick places. I agree, she is not herself but She couldn’t be. I was not myself either while still with my ex. Everyone told me so, that I was distant all the time and in a constant ”state of war” mentally even in ”safe places” with friends and family. She never have safe places, imagine that. My family tried to make me get out of the control, her family are the ones who have arranged it and tries to keep her in it. She can’t see friends that threaten the control and she can NEVER speak or surf on the internet unmonitored. Even if she understands all this she’d knew that she has to act submissive and turn of her personality, it is just dangerous for her to alone, against an entire team, plus the legal system, plus the media and plus the general public. They all punish and bully her if she would try to escape now, or shout out loud in an interview ”rescue me, I don’t want to be controlled by my team and family”.
  13. Britney understands! She tried to break free, She shaved her head, she tried to rebel. Then they send her to a locked ward and arranged a conservatorship. She tried to talk about her opinions in ”For the record” and that bloody assistent of hers said ”It’s LOVE Britney. Tough love. *smug smile”. And then There is the general public who keep being sensitive about ”disrespecting a father”, talking about her like you talked about women 200 years ago (”hysterical women who can’t be trusted to be considered citizens, need to be treated like children”). I think There are more people than Britney’s family who have these values internalised. Although, many are probably unaware and think that they are modern feminists...
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