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  1. No we can’t Because the reason is ”dementia” which wasn’t properly investigated and diagnosed.
  2. Omg I love him! Out of everyone who have raised their voices for Britney, This was the most clear! Thank you Aaron! ❤️
  3. He is textbook Münchhausen by proxy and her legal team should pick up on that and file for a conservatorship over HIM after having had him examined for it.
  4. Yes But that judge... this whole conservatorship should be a huge red flag if she believes in justice, civil liberties, human rights, women’s rights etc.
  5. It is Because the director started shooting the film for years first with just the narrative that she was a person and not a character. And a smart one. But then She discovered Paris seemed severely traumatized and as a chock for both Paris told her one night and then the filming and everything changed. It was a process for both which was documented.
  6. Eh, have you seen it? It was about her being naked in dark isolation cells after having been beaten heavily and undressed by men, forced to shower naked in front of them. Kidnapped at night, something that her PARENTS had arranged..! She was forced to take drugs She didn’t know What They were by SCHOOL STAFF. And she was scrubbing the floors of the school every day, with ******ic grown men screaming in her face meanwhile. The other women in the film that were in her class came from poor, even homeless backgrounds. And none of them seemed more traumatized than Paris, they actually bonded over their ptsd and suffering. It was the same, with or without a financial heritage.
  7. I agree on everything But your humble opinion 🙂 So Many it-girls in her position wanted to be huge, but There was Noone that made such an impact like her. And many people in the film witness on her brilliant, even genius mind. It is common for gifted people to appear naive and childish compared to people with an average IQ. Also that they start to hide their intelligence to fit in already at school. And her awful family was Really pushing sexualisation onto her already as a child. I actually thought it was abusive How her elder, female relative used to put makeup onto her at like 8 years old and keep telling her to pose pretty for the camera. Very creepy and wrong.
  8. But the sexism is still here. Two, female, Swedish journalists writing for the biggest tabloids/evening magazines in Sweden wrote about the film ”The biggest revelation in this film is that Paris has a deep voice”, and the worst ”Paris should go back to being a bimbo and she should have kept quiet about the abuse and trauma and just told a therapist instead. And be the dumb blonde which is all She is good for”. Same magazines who actually pushed metoo. The worst review of ”This is Paris” were in a paper who sacked one of their employees for an accusation of r*** that was supposed to have happened 15 years earlier. Still everything they have written about Britney has been sexist, and now this appalling comment on Paris. ”She should have kept it a secret and stuck to being a bimbo”.
  9. Yes I watched it and I never thought I would find her situation at least just as upsetting and chocking at How Britney has been treated. And I thought Nicky was a bully. And complicit, a very bad influence for someone who has been traumatized by her parents. Yes, her parents f-ing agreed to having her kidnapped in the middle of the night and were There, WATCHING IT without doing anything. Imagine. I think that the film is showing a SYSTEMATIC extreme violation of human rights when it comes to girls in the US. What the f. Young girls are being send of to be tortured and bullied by grown f-ing men (who also raped..!!!) And this Because They were homeless or had gone to nightclub..!!! You’d think the US is under Taliban/ISIS control..! And the bloody authorities has approved Theese places and are sending children There on a larger scale! It is just so... Media make a huge deal out of cult leaders and kidnappers abducting and abusing children and Young Women. But at the same time the US have installed torture camps to continously are being send There! The government is doing this. Over and over. And I have never seen a debate about this prior to this film. Something else I thought about is that the psychiatric world was built on misogony and that I question their entire field and tradition. This field must be the worst expression of misogony still being an actuality today. Talk about gaslighting, victim blaming and abuse of women on an INSTITUTIONAL level. Defund the psychiatric field I say. All of it. Build a New tradition of psychiatric research that is intersectional and modern, cut the ties with the past and start from the beginning to do New research meant to work out methods for the actual good of mankind, when it comes to mental health.
  10. Well, just Because he worked with her he is not an expert on it either, nor is he a proven saint that would not lie or be bribed, when so many other people involved have been Bribed and lied. I heard someone else say that they knew people who worked at the mental facility where Britney was treated, and that What actually happen was that they electrocuted her so badly She got brain damage, This prior to the planned meating with a doctor. She was supposed to have been temporary bewildered and also have gotten permanent memoryloss from that occasion. If There had been another, actual reason for a conservatorship Lou and Jamie would so have used that in those court hearings and thus it would have been documented. Jamie has been doing everything to make her look crazy and incapable so he Def would not have hidden anything that were unflattering to BRITNEY. America is also a Really sick country I have learned, especially after having watched ”This is Paris” and learned that the US violates human rights just as bad as the most infamous countries in the world. Considering both parents and the authorities send young girls to be tortured and abused in ******ic camps, I don’t trust this guys values when he says that he once thought a conservatorship was needed. I am sure he has partied way more than Britney did in her early 20s and that it is His misogony speaking.
  11. I never understood Katy Perry, I thought her ”songs” were just as if someone who completely lacked a musical gift hammered some Stiff notes on a piano and then just screamed the lyrics in the same insensitive and non-musical way. Thank God She disappeared from the radio. I could never see an appeal in her in any way. Britney has so much sensuality and emotional depth, that is why I prefer her to Christina Aguilera, who I also always thought was just screaming and showing off her skills. That is not music or art. Someone like Whitney Houston had both. The soul AND the technical skills and range. I always thought Christinas voice was unpleasant and tone-deaf.
  12. Me ok. Kevin and Justin were such yuckie little selfish, sexist boys...
  13. Yes! He looks kind! Swedish guys are also the least macho and sexist 😇 They look adorable together.
  14. It is none of my business, but just What I think, Because we all think about What could be a good match for a lot of people. (I do at least, in secret) If Sam loves her and vice versa and she wants to be with him, then I think it is good. But, the question. Any BIG Star that wouldn’t use her to become famous or rich. Her age or older just to have someone with life experience. Not a golddigger. I think someone a little rebellious and independent. Colin Farell would have been hot with her. If he had been a good partner of course. Cillian Murphy, if he had been single ;D. Johnny Depp. Brad Pitt.
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