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  1. Honestly, and Im not just saying this as someone who Stans for Britney harder than Christina stresses her vocals, but she is one of the very few artists who in fact can and I genuinely believe will. Britney has shown time and time again that if she wants something it happens. It won't happen for a bit because she has other priorities but it will happen. In some way, shape, or form it will and I will be right here ready to cheer her the f&%k on!!
  2. I know you're incredibly humble, and that is one of the many reasons I adore you, but you - your music, your personal life, your resilience, everything - means so much to so many people and has inspired just as many and for that I need to say I love you and thank you. bet your *** im gonna fit as many words in my one sentence as I can 💅🏾
  3. I agree! Hell, there isn't a single Britney song that doesn't deserve better tbh 😭 (besides "Chillin With You" I refuse to like that song 💅🏾). IRA is such a dreamy song 😍
  4. Shout-out to those who are giving love to the original! I love when Britney is glammed and done up for the LORD as much as the next, and would love to get her a stylist (both hair and clothes), but the obsession with her being 'perfect' (or all girls - and mostly just to elevate your edge over other Stans/public based on looks) makes me sad and to see the nitpicking in someone's physical appearance (and I don't give one flying f' if she's a public figure or not so save that argument for someone who will respond and care!) With that being said...thanks OP for posting. The pic is hot can't deny that 😂😂 Maybe we just all want the best for Britney at the end of the day and that also includes how she looks so I get it.
  5. Can someone please put this cow back in her pasture? I am so sick of her. I can't wait to watch her crash and burn.
  6. Miss Penny is and has been dealt a nice hand $$$$ behind closed doors for a very long time. That I do not doubt by any means. In some way shape or form I can almost guarantee it, unfortunately. She’s just as crooked as the rest. Wouldn’t be the first judge in any high court. They’re all an embarrassment to a system that needs intense looking into. All of this just makes me that much more sad for Britney. And helpless because I can’t do anything about it.
  7. She is her hair (not really obviously 🙄 but let's be honest she just looks "Katy Perry" with black hair). Love it!
  8. Read the room Aj! While I would love for her to put her everything into a great video for this song which I think is a bop...yeah.
  9. Excited! I know Denali from the Chicago circuit because my friend is a competition queen and she was always the nicest of them all! I haven't got to see her perform really so Im excited to see how she uses her background in performance. I have a few faves so far!
  10. Honestly, I feel there is only one right answer with this and it's NO! Don't get me wrong SNS is a bop and I know he's talented but he doesn't do it for me.
  11. lmfao, Britney fans have always been above and beyond the rest of the other Stans and this just proves it 😂. I literally adore each and every one of them/you. We are VERY protective of Britney and I am not in the least bit ashamed of that.
  12. This song is so damn catchy. I want to hear a Britney solo version because it would have been hot! It's nothing 'new' per say but that doesn't take away from it being a perfectly fun pop song!! And truthfully, right now, that's all I want.
  13. If anyone would like to be super nice and send me a link I’d be forever thankful ❤️
  14. I don’t necessarily agree with this. Many times I’m sure you’re absolutely right however I know that showing their body is also empowering and confidence and for that I, as a young gay man, was thankful. It actually helped a lot of people (men and women) be comfortable and empowered to be them (and in today’s climate all body types are celebrated as they should be but being fit and slim shouldn’t be held as bad/slutty/try hard while we pat people on the back for being the opposite (though they should be complimented on being confident...all sizes). **** shouldn’t have to be behind closed doors. But there are limits I suppose haha.
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