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  1. Although I do like Outrageous, I don't believe it should've been a single. I think either Breathe on Me or Touch of my Hand should've been a single with a music video. Definitely release "Original Doll" (I know everyone has different opinions on that). Mona Lisa music video. Lastly, I would have strongly encouraged her to take herself and her sons home to Louisiana once she was divorced. I don't think she would've been as lonely and have the support of her family. Maybe even get back in touch with some old friends. Have Britney decide when she was ready to focus on her career.
  2. I saw these on Instagram the other day, she is so beautiful!
  3. I love all the songs on the EP but my favorite is probably Someday.
  4. That's so interesting to think about! I definitely think there would be some pink wig moments, but also some cute momney pics
  5. My ex-friend wasn't a big Britney fan but loved the song Lucky. My older sibling really liked Blackout when it first came out.
  6. It's on Ebay! Search "Britney Spears 2000 Live Tour shirt" and it should come up
  7. I know! I bought Radiance a long time ago and I can't remember what it smells like but I know I liked it. It is hard to find. I've been eyeing Midnight Fantasy
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